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Yes, climate activists want to reduce your beef consumption by Henry Olsen Columnist President Biden isn’t a “Hamburglar,” no matter what you might have heard. That doesn’t mean that red meat isn’t on climate activists’ menu. Cutting consumption of beef and other red meat is a top priority of any serious climate change program. That’s because cows and other ruminant animals, such […]

Epoch Times: Biden’s 2030 Carbon (Dioxide) Goal Will Fail—and Bankrupt America By Jason Isaac -The Honorable Jason Isaac is Director of Life:Powered. He previously served four terms in the Texas House of Representatives. President Biden followed his raft of heavy-handed climate executive orders by announcing his loftiest goal yet: slashing U.S. carbon dioxide emissions in half by the end of the decade. Biden’s ambitious climate […]

Greta Thunberg’s Earth Day testimony was pretty revealing By JOHN SEXTON Maybe you heard that climate activist Greta Thunberg testified before Congress on Earth Day. In her prepared remarks, she said “We have to end fossil fuel subsidies, stop new exploration and extraction, completely divest from fossil fuels and keep the carbon in the ground.” But she was pessimistic as […]

John Kerry in Earth Day Wonderland: ‘Biden-Kerry policies will fix, rig, and stack the odds against Team America’ By Hugo Gurdon, Washington Examiner It is not encouraging to see John Kerry returning from talks in China and suggesting he’s achieved some sort of climate change breakthrough. The last time he trumpeted success on an allied diplomatic mission, he was touting the 2016 Paris Agreement, in which he weakly acquiesced in hobbling United […]

Climate ’emergency’ is ‘a carefully crafted delusion’ – Economy-destroying climate plans target nonexistent ‘crisis’ By James Taylor – Wednesday, April 21, 2021 ANALYSIS/OPINION: Proposals to fight global warming are unavoidably expensive and freedom-suppressing. Requiring American households and the economy to operate on expensive, diffuse, unreliable energy sources like wind and solar can only harm—and cannot help—American productivity and living standards. If we were truly facing an imminent climate […]

Leaders ‘went out of their way to scare us’ at climate summit Environmental author Bjorn Lomborg says world leaders went “out of their way to scare us” at the recent climate change summit. “They both went out of their way to scare us, but also in some ways, it was a repeat of the last 30 years of climate policy,” Mr Lomborg told Sky News […]

Biden’s Climate Agenda To Bring ‘Meat Passports’?! American’s may be limited to 4 pounds of meat a year under the plan   Does Biden’s Climate Agenda Mean ‘Red Meat Passports’ Are Coming? BY MATT MARGOLIS Joe Biden’s climate agenda, which he announced this week, is such a violation of everything it means to live in a free country that it actually is hard to understand how he thinks he can get away with […]

A zoom full of whoopers: ‘Biden’s Unserious Climate Summit’ – ‘A fuzzy plan to reduce U.S. ghgs by more than half’ in a decade By NRO Editors President Joe Biden is convening a “virtual climate summit” — which is a very fancy thing to call a conference call — to be addressed by Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, among others. It comes as Biden announces a fuzzy plan to reduce U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions by more than half […]