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Leaders ‘went out of their way to scare us’ at climate summit

Environmental author Bjorn Lomborg says world leaders went “out of their way to scare us” at the recent climate change summit. “They both went out of their way to scare us, but also in some ways, it was a repeat of the last 30 years of climate policy,” Mr Lomborg told Sky News host Chris Smith. “Namely, let’s make grand promises for the future, and certainly in the past we’ve then seen, not much is going to happen”


Lomborg: Biden’s plan would have “very, very little impact. Now, remember, Biden is talking about — as you also saw with Kerry — that this will cost about half a trillion dollars a year. That’s 1500 US dollars per person in the US, per year. The average person in the US, says they’re not even willing to pay $24.

There is a potential divergence here. You’re not going to be able to see support for that kind of policy, in the long run. So basically, Biden is setting himself up to do something that’s very hard, that’s phenomenally costly that will probably not happen, and even if it did, would not actually cut carbon emissions enough to make a difference for temperature by the end of the century. We kind of ask, ‘Can we do this better?’ And the simple answer is yes. We need to focus on innovation.”