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NYT: Tom Steyer Will Run for President and Plans to Spend $100 Million on His Bid – ‘Steyer is also now on his 3rd signature issue in little more than half a decade’ By Alexander Burns July 9, 2019 Tom Steyer, the former hedge fund investor turned impeachment activist, announced on Tuesday that he would challenge President Trump in 2020, reversing a previous decision not to enter the race. In a video announcing his campaign, Mr. Steyer positioned himself as a populist outsider, railing against corporate interests that he described as […]

Liberal green activists masquerading as conservatives at CPAC – by Kevin Mooney Standing behind self-proclaimed conservatives who advocate green energy schemes are left-leaning foundations and organizations that have seized upon clever marketing schemes. The goal is to beguile young conservatives into accepting the premise of “clean, renewable” energy initiatives that would result in bigger government and higher taxes. Moreover, the wind and solar […]

Steyer says proposed Green New Deal is a ‘first draft’ Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer praised Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) proposed Green New Deal in an interview that aired Wednesday on Hill.TV, but said many changes would likely be made to the proposal. “I think she’s done us a signal service by coming up with a plan that is larger enough to fit the problem […]

HEADLINE CLAIM IN FED CLIMATE REPORT RELIES ON RESEARCH TIED TO MAJOR DEMOCRATIC DONORS By MICHAEL BASTASCH A top-line claim in the latest U.S. government climate report is based on research funded by groups tied to Democratic donors. The new National Climate Assessment claims the U.S. economy could take a 10 percent hit from global warming. However, that claim is based on research funded by groups founded by Tom […]

TOM STEYER DUMPS MORE MONEY ON CAMPAIGN ADS AS HE GEARS UP FOR POSSIBLE WHITE HOUSE RUN By Chris White Billionaire Tom Steyer is launching a series of town halls promoting what he considers the five fundamental rights that corporations have stolen from Americans over the past several decades. Steyer announced the move in a full-page ad Tuesday in newspapers across the country. His ad focuses on education, the environment, voting rights, the […]

BIG GREEN? ENVIRONMENTALISTS ARE OUTSPENDING THE OIL INDUSTRY 2-TO-1 THIS ELECTION CYCLE By MICHAEL BASTASCH Environmentalists have outspent the oil and gas industry more than 2-to-1 so far this election cycle, according to federal campaign finance data. Environmental interests pumped more than $43.8 million in “outside spending” so far this election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), a government watchdog that compiles campaign finance […]

Tom Steyer’s plan to force renewable energy on Arizona ratepayers is falling apart

Tom Steyer’s plan to force renewable energy on Arizona ratepayers is falling apart Despite enjoying millions of dollars from a Tom Steyer front group, a campaign aiming to increase Arizona’s renewable energy mandate is fumbling.