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Prominent environmentalist Shellenberger trashes Tom Steyer as ‘billionaire fossil fuel magnate turned megalomaniacal Democratic presidential candidate’



Flashback 2014: NYT: Prominent environmentalist Tom Steyer helped fund coal projects – ‘Cloud Steyer’s image as an environmental savior’

Unionization Fight Looms Over Tom Steyer’s 2020 Announcement

Liberals react to Steyer presidential run: ‘Steyer thinks our country’s problems can be solved by a white guy with lots of money’

NYT: Tom Steyer Will Run for President and Plans to Spend $100 Million on His Bid – ‘Steyer is also now on his 3rd signature issue in little more than half a decade’


Environmentalist Shellenberger: We Shouldn’t Be Surprised Renewables Make Energy Expensive Since That’s Always Been The Greens’ Goal