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Watch: Al Gore Drives Climate Hysteria at WHO: Demands ‘transition…away from the unhealthy practice of burning fossil fuels’

‘The number of people dying from #AirPollution is unacceptably high. And by continuing to use our sky as if it’s an open sewer, we are putting more lives at risk’ — former Vice President @algore‘s strong intervention at #WHA77. We greatly appreciate his advocacy for health at… — Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (@DrTedros) June 3, […]

Bill Gates affiliated vaccine org GAVI dips into Climate Change: ‘The focus of climate change has shifted from polar bears to people’ – ‘Increasing recognition of the health impacts of climate change’ “In recent years, the focus of climate change has shifted from polar bears to people. There is now increasing recognition of the health impacts of climate change, which have become a specific IPCC focus. Language has shifted too, with “global warming” being supplanted by “climate change”, recognising the fact that it is not just […]

NY Times touts ‘Urine’ carrots: ‘How to reuse human ‘waste” to grow carrots – ‘People to donate their urine for the recovery of phosphorous for reuse as garden fertilizer’ – ‘An average serving of urine…is enough to grow three or four carrots’ NYTimes: Collect urine to grow carrots. Really. – NYT: The next question is how to reuse human “waste.” Agriculture depends on industrial fertilizers containing phosphorus from mined phosphate rock. The mineral is quickly depleted and often extracted in dangerous regions, but phosphorous can also be recovered from urine. NYT: P-BANK is a demonstration public […]

Watch: Tucker Carlson: None of the ‘climate demands disempower large organizations whether it’s NGOs or the govt. Not one of them, they all make the government more powerful & they all make you less powerful’

Tucker Carlson: “Let’s say you believed every piece of science or scientific claim bout global climate change. You would not reach the same policy conclusions. You’d be like, well the first thing we need to do is ban private air travel ’cause obviously that doesn’t make any… — Camus (@newstart_2024) May 20, 2024

Tell the world, the Dutch tractor protests and a War on Net Zero won

Tell the world, the Dutch tractor protests and a War on Net Zero won By Jo Nova Six months after Geert Wilders won the Dutch election he has finally negotiated an agreement with a few minor parties to form government and the unthinkable has happened. The centre-of-the-road conservatives (referred to as “far right extremists”) got […]

Wash Post’s ‘climate solutions’ reporter touts taking ‘cold showers’: ‘You should embrace using cold water’ because ‘heating water’ leads to ‘more planet-warming emissions’ Why you should embrace using cold water, almost all the time – Heating water gobbles energy, leading to higher utility bills and more planet-warming emissions. By Allyson Chiu – Allyson Chiu is a reporter focusing on climate solutions for The Washington Post.  Excerpts: You may not be giving a second thought to setting your washing […]

Bloomberg News: ‘In Germany, more than 60% of homes will need to undergo green renovations over the next decade to meet the EU’s stricter energy requirements’ – Lenders ‘focus’ on homes’ ‘energy consumption’ – ‘May leave a substantial dent in property values’ Banks Warn of Growing Energy-Related Risks in Mortgage Portfolios Lenders across Europe focus on buildings’ energy consumption Capital relief for green loans offers securitization option Across Europe, banks are trying to figure out how to handle a growing risk lurking in residential mortgage portfolios: energy consumption. In Germany, the bloc’s largest economy, it’s increasingly […]

Menace on the Menu: The Financialisation of Farmland and the War on Food and Farming By Colin Todhunter Between 2008 and 2022, land prices nearly doubled throughout the world and tripled in Central-Eastern Europe. In the UK, an influx of investment from pension funds and private wealth contributed to a doubling of farmland prices from 2010-2015. Land prices in the US agricultural heartlands of Iowa quadrupled between 2002 and […]