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EVs, climate agenda are a national security threat used ‘to weaken us and ultimately destroy us,’ former CIA operations officer says By Kendall Tietz FOXBusiness Electric vehicles are often touted as the green alternative to gas-powered vehicles, but one expert believes that if people knew the truth about EVs, they would think twice before purchasing one. Bryan Dean Wright, a former CIA operations officer and host of the podcast “The Wright Report,” told Fox News Digital that electric vehicles […]

Net Zero is working! Green Britain returning to its pre-industrial bliss?! UK domestic energy production falls to lowest level on record! Imported a net 41.1% of its energy in 2023 By Emma Powell – UK Telegraph The amount of energy produced domestically in Britain has fallen to its lowest level on record, increasing the country’s dependency on imports from Norway and the United States. North Sea oil production last year fell to the weakest level since records began in 1948 and gas output […]

Net Zero an urgent threat to national security Net Zero an urgent threat to national security Former security minister Sir Gerald Howarth urges the UK to halt Net Zero and focus on defence. Press Release London, 1 March – A new paper from Net Zero Watch makes a comprehensive case that efforts to decarbonise the steel and electricity fundamentals of the economy […]

Morano: It’s Time For The U.S. To End Our Dependence On China For Rare Earths – ‘This is a national security issue’ ByB.D. Hobbs When Donald Trump tweeted in 2013 that the climate scare was nothing more than a way to empower China, he was right on the money. That is exactly what is happening now, with our money. As the U.S. continues to try and eliminate the use of fossil fuels, China has been tightening […]

Net Zero Threatens National Security BY DR GWYTHIAN PRINS There is a respectable peacetime economic case for closing the Port Talbot blast furnaces and ceasing production of basic oxygen steel (BOS) in the United Kingdom and it is set out by the leading trade economist Catherine McBride. She shows how much British steel-making of any type has declined by volume, and how […]

Experts raise alarm after Biden strikes climate agreement with China to shut down fossil fuels – Will nudge America ‘closer to Beijing-style central planning, production quotas’ By Thomas Catenacci Fox News U.S. energy experts are warning of the economic and national security implications of President Biden’s pact with China this week to move towards shutting down fossil fuel production in favor of green energy. The State Department announced this week it had struck a deal with its Chinese counterparts pledging to “accelerate the substitution […]

Analysis: California’s climate/energy policies are a ‘National Security Risk for America’ – State ‘has increased crude oil imports from foreign countries from 5% in 1992 to more than 75% today’

Ronald Stein:  Historically, California has been successfully reducing in-state oil production over the decades and has increased crude oil imports from foreign countries from 5 percent in 1992 to more than 75 percent today to meet the California consumption demand.  Governor Gavin Newsom, by continually seeking further decreases of in-state oil production, Newsom’s emissions policies continue to force California, the 4th largest economy in the world, to be the only state in contiguous America that imports most of its crude oil feedstock to in-state refineries from foreign countries. …

California has more than 140 airports with huge fuel demands of more than 13 billion gallons of aviation fuel per year that includes these major airports:

  • 9 International airports
  • 41 Military airports

In addition, California has three of the largest shipping ports in America, with #1 Los Angeles. #2 Long Beach, and #7 Oakland. Ships arriving and departing from the shipping ports up and down the coast from San Diego to San Francisco require massive amounts of lower grade bunker fuels. … 

The California Air Quality Management District (AQMD) policies have the potential to further reduce in-state refinery capacity, so the State can be more dependent on Asia for the fuels and petrochemical demands of the State. …

With more in-state refinery closures imminent under Newsom’s watch, California can look toward Asia’s 88 new refineries for the manufactured fuels used by California’s 9 International airports, 41 Military airports, and 3 of the largest shipping terminals in America for manufactured oil derivatives that are the basis of most products in our materialistic society,