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Envrio leftie George Monbiot takes on enviro leftie Michael Moore on overpopulation: ‘Why do so many people in rich nations claim that the biggest environmental problem is population growth?’ Answer: ‘Racism’

Spot on! It is not conservatives who espouse overpopulation, it is typically white male liberals who worry about "overpopulation" in countries with people of color. One of the loudest cheerleaders of reducing African nations' population has been Al Gore. — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) May 8, 2020 Gore: 'Making fertility management ubiquitously available…is crucial to […]

LEFTISTS PUSH FOR REMOVAL OF PROGRESSIVE CHAMPION MOORE’S ‘PLANET OF THE HUMANS’ FILM By H. Sterling Burnett Climate Change Weekly #358 Socialist radical environmentalists are repeating history again, eating one of their own, in this case far-left filmmaker and Bernie Sanders supporter Michael Moore. They are trying to destroy the progressive documentarian for honestly pointing out the hypocrisy and lies behind the push for green energy. Even though […]

Michael Mann vs. Michael Moore: Mann rips Moore’s film in Newsweek for using ‘tactics of denial, delay, distraction and deflection’ By MICHAEL E. MANN File this one under the category of “with friends like this”: None other than liberal icon Michael Moore has now joined the ranks of the renewable energy-bashers. Working with Director Jeff Gibbs, his long-time collaborator on left-of-center polemics like the anti-NRA Bowling for Columbine and anti-Bush/Iraq War “Fahrenheit 9/11” Moore has, […]

Alex Epstein: The 5 Things Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans Gets Totally Wrong The 5 Things Planet of the Humans Gets Totally Wrong Home Page | Center for Industrial Progre… / by Alex Epstein / 11h In this issue: The Five Things Planet of the Humans Gets Totally Wrong New Interviews “Safer Outside” — How Lockdowns Make Us More Vulnerable to COVID-19 An Opportunity for Young Freedom […]

Green energy is highly dependent on fossil fuels Green energy is highly dependent on fossil fuels The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics Blog / by Geoff / 5d Alex Epstein views the Michael Moore/Jeff Gibbs and finds it flawed but revealing some truths about the flawed renewable energy scam. He says: This week I’m covering “The Five Things Planet of the Humans […]

Cancel Culture Comes For Michael Moore TOTO: Cancel Culture Comes For Michael Moore The Daily Wire / by Christian Toto / 2d Socialist filmmaker Michael Moore is used to fawning media coverage. It started when he unveiled his debut documentary “Roger and Me” and never let up – despite creating a ream of fact-challenged films, including the abominable 2018 “documentary” […]

Michael Moore on Biomass Michael Moore on Biomass Not A Lot Of People Know That / by Paul Homewood / 2h By Paul Homewood Michael Moore’s new film has been widely discussed, and I have not pushed it before as it is an hour and a half long. However, with Drax in mind, I would suggest you watch […]

Michael Moore: Exiled From The Planet Of Progressives Michael Moore: Exiled From The Planet Of Progressives Climate Change Dispatch / by ccdeditor / 18h Michael Moore is a progressive’s progressive. He is a container of every correct progressive idea. He bludgeons capitalism. He despises big corporations. He wears a baseball cap. Susan Sarandon admires him. He hated George W. Bush. He endorsed […]

Watch: Michael Shellenberger on Andrew Bolt praises Michael Moore’s new film Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain April 28 at 4:54 PM ·  GREENS FURIOUS AS MICHAEL MOORE EXPOSES RENEWABLES SCAM A new documentary that sheds light on the renewable energy scam has caused greenies worldwide to meltdown. The film is produced by Michael Moore, so it is no surprise it is overflowing with the left’s usual climate […]

Climate skeptics praise Michael Moore’s new documentary exposing green energy

Goofballs at #DeSmogBlog now whining CFACT & its allies are promoting "Planet of the Humans" — a decent film that demolishes renewable energy shenanigans. Strange times: Who'd of thunk it would be up to us on the Right to defend Michael Moore? — Craig Rucker (@CJRucker) May 4, 2020 Fossil Fuel-Backed Climate Deniers […]