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Michael Moore on Biomass

Michael Moore on Biomass

By Paul Homewood

Michael Moore’s new film has been widely discussed, and I have not pushed it before as it is an hour and a half long.

However, with Drax in mind, I would suggest you watch the segment on biomass, beginning at 52 minutes in. It runs for about 20 minutes, but it is also worth carrying on to the 1.26 mark, as there is also a lot of relevant stuff on how environmentalists, such as the Sierra Club and Bill McKibben have got into bed with billionaires and bankers. The Sierra Club’s green fund’s biggest holding, for instance, is in Viva, the world’s largest consumer of forests, to be incinerated in green energy biomass plants.

Some of the things shown in the film might note relate to Drax specifically, but they are symptomatic of the industry worldwide.

I’ll leave you with this graph, showing how renewable energy is actually dominated by biomass.

BTW – if you want a good laugh, FF to 1.27, for the Earth Day concert!