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Alex Epstein: The 5 Things Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans Gets Totally Wrong

The 5 Things Planet of the Humans Gets Totally Wrong

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In this issue:

The Five Things Planet of the Humans Gets Totally Wrong

New Interviews

“Safer Outside” — How Lockdowns Make Us More Vulnerable to COVID-19

An Opportunity for Young Freedom Fighters

Last Week of Double Accelerator

The Five Things Planet of the Humans Gets Totally Wrong

On last week’s Power Hour I covered “The Five Things Planet of the Humans Gets (Mostly) Right.”
This week’s episode is about “The Five Things Planet of the Humans Gets Totally Wrong.”
The five things are:

It evades how bad the “natural” planet was for human life.

It evades how good today’s humanized planet is for human life.

It evades our ability to create new value and grow indefinitely.

It evades our ability to produce more value with fewer side effects (e.g., nuclear).

It evaluates the state of the planet by an anti-human standard (unchanged nature), not a pro-human standard (human flourishing).

You can watch the episode on YouTube and listen on Apple Podcasts.
Please share it widely! Those who see some truth in Planet of the Humans also need to know that it is deeply false and anti-human.

New Interviews

On the Yaron Brook Show I discussed the good and bad of Planet of the Humans and answered numerous listener questions, ranging from climate change to martial arts.
On the Zennie Abraham Show I discussed how fossil fuels and renewable energy are faring—and what energy policy should be going forward. One point of particular interest might be my answer to the argument that COVID-19 has made our environment better.
I appeared on several other programs and will share the links next week.

“Safer Outside” — How lockdowns make us more vulnerable to COVID-19

In a bonus episode of Power Hour I interview one of my favorite COVID commentators, economist Daniil Gorbatenko, about the overwhelming evidence that the lockdown mantra “safer inside” is wrong.
(We recorded the episode before today’s headline: Cuomo says it’s ‘shocking’ most new coronavirus hospitalizations are people who had been staying home.)
Being inside increases our risk of a dangerous infection from COVID-19 by a) exposing millions to higher doses of the virus and b) decreasing immunity.
Being outside by contrast, exposes us to lower doses of the virus and increases our immunity.
So not only are the lockdowns catastrophically destructive to every aspect of life besides COVID-19, they also make many and likely most Americans more vulnerable to harm from COVID-19 itself.
Here’s a link to the full episode on YouTube (get the Apple Podcast here). For the first 30 minutes we discuss Dr. Gorbatenko’s background and what I particularly like about his methods.
If you want to go straight to the science and policy of “safer outside,” go here.
Here are links to Gorbatenko’s excellent Twitter and Medium pages.

An Opportunity for Young Freedom Fighters

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been having a lot of fun and success doing one-hour communications coaching sessions with Accelerators who have contributed $1000.
This week we got a contribution from someone who didn’t need a coaching session himself, so I’m offering it to one of what I’m calling the “young freedom fighters” who get this newsletter.
If you are an aspiring advocate for freedom and you think I could help you with your writing, speaking, or strategy, send me an email with:

What issue you want to fight for freedom on

A sample of your writing or speaking

How you think I could help you

The young freedom fighter with the most compelling answers wins the coaching session.
You can learn more about the Accelerator program and/or make a contribution here.

Last Week of Double Accelerator

As I announced two weeks ago, the Prometheus Foundation, founded by Carl Barney, has generously offered to match your Accelerator contributions.
This is the last week of the offer, so contribute this week to get your contribution doubled.
As a reminder, Accelerator contributions will help us invest in research, development, and promotion for four big 2020 projects:

Providing revolutionary energy and environmental messaging for pro-freedom candidates.

Creating a national media presence for the moral case for fossil fuels.

Speaking and debating at leading universities.

Completing The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels 2.0 and releasing a custom essay for the election, “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels in 2020.”

You can make an Accelerator contribution here.
Here are some comments from new Accelerators.
“I’ve been listening to Power Hour for a couple of years now and finally decided to reimburse you for the value you provide and also to help you grow your business. Sorry it took so long.”
“Your message is gaining traction and I do not want that to be disrupted. It is important to me that your voice continue to be heard, and I hope being an Accelerator can help that to happen.
“I contributed because I received the stimulus and a donation to CIP…seemed more than appropriate. I’m still out of work but you’re the ones on the front lines sorting out this nonsense and I need you now more than ever. The matched contributions gave me real incentive too, I can make an even bigger impact and that’s worth more.”
To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,