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NYT; Forget the Carbon Tax for Now…Huge Victory for Real Science and Conservatives

NYT; Forget the Carbon Tax for Now…Huge Victory for Real Science and Conservatives You gotta love the “for now” qualifier. Liberals never let complete support of a bid idea stand in the way of “progress” and blindly executing their strategy. Progressives won’t stop until they get open borders and turn America into the next […]

Warmist fmr. NYT reporter Justin Gillis: ‘Forget the Carbon Tax for Now… It’s politically toxic’ – French protests, tell us… it’s going to run into a buzz saw of opposition’ By Justin Gillis Mr. Gillis is a former New York Times environmental reporter and a contributing opinion writer. PARIS — The angry graffiti have been blasted off the Arc de Triomphe with water jets, leaving unnaturally white patches scarring the base of France’s national monument. The husks of incinerated cars have been cleared from […]

The Carbon Tax Riots May Be The Breaking Point For France’s Socialism

The Carbon Tax Riots May Be The Breaking Point For France’s Socialism As calls for reduced taxes continue, there will have to be a national discussion regarding welfare spending and other socialist policies. France’s motto is “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité,” or “Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood.” Over several decades the French government has tried to achieve this […]

Media burnout: Warmist reporter laments UN climate ‘bubble’, cites France – ‘It is going to be very difficult…to make energy costs more expensive…another conference won’t achieve that’

Axios reporter Amy Harder on CBS News on December 17, 2018: Harder excerpts from interview: I think it is going to be difficult to acknowledge, In order to address climate change, you need to make fossil fuels more expensive and there appears to be this disconnect between that reality and what countries are willing to […]

Watch: Morano on Fox News: France climate rebellion spreading – ‘Global warming’ fears are a tool for ‘political and economic’ change…it has nothing to do with the actual climate’

Fox Business Channel: Broadcast December 17, 2018 Varney & Co. – Interview with Marc Morano Video also available here: Watch: Morano on Fox News today about ‘climate tax’ rebellion – Voters unwilling to pay to ‘fix’ climate change? RUSH TRANSCRIPT: Stuart Varney: Talk about volatility, we went into the commercial break with the Dow off […]

Climate reporter: Despite alarming IPCC report, ‘the topic on many people’s minds at [UN] conference was the violent protests in France over..rising fuel taxes’ By Amy Harder Excerpt: The big picture: This industry backing for a carbon tax comes at a politically tumultuous time. I spent the past week in the coal-mining city of Katowice, Poland, where world leaders gathered to negotiate details of the 2015 deal. Ahead of that annual United Nations conference, a U.N. science panel released […]

Watch: Morano at UN summit in Poland: France’s Macron is the face of the carbon tax failure On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Marc Morano of joined me from the UN Global Warming Conference in Poland to discuss what he’s hearing from delegates about the anti-carbon tax Yellow Vest protests in France. Marc explained how the Yellow Vest protests have cast “darkness” on the conference, where delegates are beginning to realize people are turning against […]

Prez. Trump: “The Paris Accord is not working out too well for Paris…the whole country is burning down’   President Donald Trump came out swinging against global warming advocates Thursday in an interview. Trump explained to Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner on Thursday that he loved “getting things done for the people, including the environment.” He then mentioned how America was doing the best in reducing emissions compared to other countries. (RELATED: Bar Hopping With Liberals […]

As French Protests Grow, Media’s Climate Focus Shrinks By Kalev Leetaru The so-called “yellow vest” protests that have roiled France over the past month have turned iconic areas of Paris into war zones as more than a quarter-million demonstrators have flooded the streets. While the protests have morphed into a platform to air an ever-growing number of grievances, they began in part as a rejection of […]