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Watch: Morano on Fox News: France climate rebellion spreading – ‘Global warming’ fears are a tool for ‘political and economic’ change…it has nothing to do with the actual climate’

Fox Business Channel: Broadcast December 17, 2018

Varney & Co. – Interview with Marc Morano

Video also available here:

Watch: Morano on Fox News today about ‘climate tax’ rebellion – Voters unwilling to pay to ‘fix’ climate change?


Stuart Varney: Talk about volatility, we went into the commercial break with the Dow off 200. Now we come back we’re down 136, about a half percentage point lower, up and down all day. Back to my editorial, top of the my statement is, voters are not willing to pay to fix climate change. They’re certainly not willing to fix climate change while the world’s largest carbon polluter, China, does nothing about it. Let’s bring in Climate Depot’s Marc Morano. I’m making two points, Marc. Number one, voters won’t pay more for energy to fix a problem down the road. Number two, voters will not sacrifice now while China does nothing. Where am I going — are you with me on this?

>> Marc Morano: Yeah, completely. From a political, economic, climate, and cost-benefit analysis point of view, you are 100% correct. What’s happened now is we’ve seen the face of climate tax failure and it is French president Emanuel Macron. He is the face. He made himself the poster boy of the U.N., Paris climate pact. He told middle class French, who are facing skyrocketing fuel taxes from his policies, that they can wait for public transit and carpool. They have to be in it to save the world because what they’re doing is nobody. None of the French are buying it. That rebellion is spreading.

Stuart Varney: My editorial at the top of the hour, I quoted from “The Wall Street Journal” today, an editorial about climate change and the French, so the last few lines noted that NASA, North American space administration, using satellites, shows that the world is a lot greener than it used to be because, there is more carbon and that is plant food. I mean that is kind of the other side of climate change, isn’t it? Is that a positive side to it?

>> Marc Morano: Absolutely. Peer-reviewed studies showing greening of planet Earth including deserts. In my book, The Political Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, I quote Nobel winning scientists that the Earth is in a CO2 famine. CO2 historically, geologically speak something low. The idea that the United Nations says we face a catastrophe 100 years ago unless we sacrifice today, no one buys it scientifically and instinctively on a human level. We have protests in Canada and Brazil canceling the U.S. Climate summit. A lot of credit goes to president Donald Trump, pulling United States out of Paris agreement is causing a domino effect. After the summit I got back from in Poland, U.N. Climate summit, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia, all refusing to sign on the alarmist U.N. Report came on in October this is major progress for people who care about energy security and sovereignty and against the U.N. Agenda.

Stuart Varney: Now I take no position. I’m not, in my editorials I’m not arguing that yes, it, climate change exists, yes it is human, I don’t take a position, but what is your position? Is the, is the planet warming, and if it is warming, is it result of human activity? Where do you coming from?

>> Marc Morano: Very simple. Humans impact the climate but any impact is indistinguishable from natural variability. In other words you cannot distinguish the human impact in the current climate. I have chapters in my book, quoting former United Nations scientists who turned against the UN.

I would go further. Even if, even if you believe we face a ‘climate crisis’ — if we had to rely on the United Nations and EPA through climate taxes to save us — we would all be doomed. They admit their solution was have no impacts on the climate. U.N. Paris agreement was supposed to save it. The U.N. Freely admits three years from that, that is completely inadequate according to their latest predictions. So, this is a this political and economic movement. It has nothing to do with the actual climate. They’re talking about central transformation, that is what the U.N. Climate head, we seek central transformation to make the climate different. They’re using a climate scare on people. As we’ve seen in France where they are the most advanced in terms of implementing this policy, they’re utterly failing.

Stuart Varney: Marc Morano thank you for being with us. One day I will see your opinions and studies quoted in the mainstream media. That may be a long way away.

>> Marc Morano: Thanks. I consider you mainstream, Stuart.

Stuart Varney: You do? I guess I’ll take it. Why not. There you go. Thank you, sir.