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Media burnout: Warmist reporter laments UN climate ‘bubble’, cites France – ‘It is going to be very difficult…to make energy costs more expensive…another conference won’t achieve that’

Axios reporter Amy Harder on CBS News on December 17, 2018:

Harder excerpts from interview: I think it is going to be difficult to acknowledge, In order to address climate change, you need to make fossil fuels more expensive and there appears to be this disconnect between that reality and what countries are willing to put on the table at countries like this in Poland…

Even the Paris deal doesn’t reduce emissions anywhere near what scientists say we must…

At a certain point, you can’t expect to hold more conferences to get more ambition. You really have to change the energy policies in different countries…

We are seeing outside the bubble that is these climate talks, you are seeing this is very difficult. France saw a lot of violent protests over among other things higher fuel costs because of taxes. I think it is going to be very difficult when push comes to shove to institute policies that will make energy costs more expensive. I think that is going to be very difficult
And I tend to think another conference won’t achieve that.


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