New Study: UN IPCC Global Warming Reports Underestimated Role of Sun in Warming Via Epoch Times: Depending on the solar activity and temperature records used in the analysis, warming can be blamed on the sun, human activity, or both, the study found. Talking about the results, Dr. Willie Soon, an author of the study, said that “if the IPCC had paid more attention to open-minded scientific inquiry […]

Former UN IPCC Lead Author Dr. Richard Tol: ‘Climate change’ is ‘not the apocalypse’ – Warns of ‘misguided fear of doom’

Dr. Richard Tol: “Climate change is a problem, but not the apocalypse. The misguided fear of doom causes extremism and exaggerated climate protection policies.”

“The environmental movement is massive. Its leaders need to bring in lots of people and donations because they derive their power and influence from that. The story of the apocalypse as a vehicle for climate change neatly ties in with painting emissions as sin and emission reduction as atonement. It is a brilliant marketing ploy.”

“Global average crop yields have increased three-fold over the last 60 years. If that trend continues and climate change takes away half, we will grow roughly the same amount of food, per head, in 2085 as we do today…if farmers would use current best practice, not some yet-to-be-invented future technology, they would get 10 times as much produce from their land. Let climate change take away half and they still grow 5 times as much.”

Scientist admits the ‘overwhelming consensus’ on the climate change crisis is ‘manufactured’

The UN created the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. “The IPCC wasn’t supposed to focus on any benefits of warming. The IPCC’s mandate was to look for dangerous human-caused climate change,”climatologist Dr. Judith Curry said. “Then the national funding agencies directed all the funding . . . assuming there are dangerous impacts. The researchers quickly figured out that the way to get funded was to make alarmist claims about ‚”man-made climate change” This is how “manufactured consensus” happens.

Dr. Roger Pielke: ‘Neither the UN IPCC nor the US National Climate Assessment have high confidence in detection or attribution of trends in heat waves is the US’

Neither the IPCC nor the US National Climate Assessment have high confidence in detection or attribution of trends in heat waves is the US So either the IPCC is wrong or the media/activist scientists are wrong. Pick one. — The Honest Broker (@RogerPielkeJr) July 25, 2023 The latest from World Weather Attribution on recent […]

New Satellite Evidence Suggests 20-Year Fall in Extreme Rainfall Events Globally BY CHRIS MORRISON In its latest assessment report, the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that the frequency and intensity of global heavy rainfall events “have likely increased” over the majority of land regions. The claim forms the backdrop for countless stories of increased deadly flash-flooding brought on by human-caused climate change. Alas, […]

‘How Climate Alarmism Killed Real Environmentalism’ – ‘Unites most powerful special interests in the world behind an agenda that will further centralize power’ By Edward Ring The environmentalist movement is a political weapon. It unites the most powerful special interests in the world behind an agenda that will further centralize power and wealth, eliminate any hope of financial independence for the vast majority of people, and transition previously free and independent nations into managed, sham democracies that have […]

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr: What the media won’t tell you about … Wildfires – ‘Wildfires used to be much more extensive in past centuries’ Roger Pielke Jr’s take on the Canada wildfires:   Wildfire, common to many healthy ecosystems, is a particularly challenging problem for society because of its impacts on property and health. It is also challenging because people like to locate themselves in fire-prone places and do things that ignite fires. We have learned through hard […]

33 BULLET POINTS PROVING ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ IS CAUSED BY THE SUN, NOT CO2 — BY GEOLOGIST, DR ROGER HIGGS JUNE 13, 2023 CAP ALLON Dr Roger Higgs (DPhil geology, Oxford, 1982-86) Geoclastica Ltd and ResearchGate (click here for links to sources) Abbreviations: ‘AD’ = anno Domini ‘BC’ = years ‘before Christ’ ‘BP’ = years ‘before present’, from radiocarbon dating. 0 is 1950AD by convention ~ = about/approximately 1) The IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has no […]

The IPCC Radical Climate Agenda Is a Neo-Marxist, Postmodern Value Narrative By Jerome Corsi In combating the global warming (aka, climate change) movement, we fail to understand that the radical left today lives in a value-relative phenomenology shaped by a mixture of postmodernism blended with neo-Marxism. It misses the mark merely to refute the hoax science behind the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s decision […]