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Now will you support the Green New Deal!? Actual Reuters headline: In rural India, climate migrants ‘have hysterectomies to survive’

Thomson Reuters Foundation: As climate change impacts hit farming, women driven into gruelling sugarcane work have the procedure to work harder, report says

Frequent droughts push poor rural families to migrate

Many work as labourers on Maharashtra sugar plantations

Hysterectomy rates found far higher among migrant workers

Drought is driving poor Indian women into exploitative sugarcane work in the central state of Maharashtra, with many of the migrant labourers opting to undergo unnecessary hysterectomies to work even harder, research showed on Thursday. Years of failed monsoons, extreme heat and droughts have led residents of Beed, a district in the top sugar-producing state to leave and become day labourers on sugar plantations, said the report by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), a London-based think-tank… Ritu Bharadwaj, a principal researcher with the IIED and lead author of the paper: “Hysterectomies are a symptom of economic distress in the region that is exacerbated by the climate crisis.” … As climate change impacts hit farming, women driven into gruelling sugarcane work have the procedure to work harder, the report says. 

India plans to double coal production, ignoring climate pledges

India plans to double coal production, ignoring climate pledges  Bloomberg, 9 January 2024 The south Asian giant is setting new targets to use more coal, despite committing to transitioning away from fossil fuels. As climate diplomats at COP28 in Dubai debated an agreement to transition away from fossil fuels last December, India was facing another energy […]

India’s population to overtake China, with 2.9 million more people by mid-2023 – India, China & USA top 3 most populated nations on Earth By YP Rajesh NEW DELHI, April 19 (Reuters) – India is poised to overtake China as the world’s most populous nation, with almost 3 million more people than its neighbour by the middle of this year, data released on Wednesday by the United Nations showed. India’s population by mid-year is estimated at 1.4286 billion, against […]

Net Zero dead in the water as G7 may delay coal phase out – & India plans new coal boom Net Zero Samizdat 14 April 2023 1) Net Zero dead in the water as G7 may delay coal phase out  Bloomberg, 11 April 2023 2) India plans new coal boom to meet soaring demand Bloomberg, 14 April 2023 3) Most Americans unwilling to spend $1 a month to cut CO2 emissions Daily Mail, 12 […]

India Sets New Wheat Production Record: ‘Contrary to what Paul Ehrlich predicted, India now produces 10 times more wheat today than it did in 1965 when its population was 65% smaller’ By Gale Pooley This article originally appeared in Gale Pooley’s Gale Winds Substack. Before agronomist Norman Borlaug showed up in the 1960s, India was only producing 10 million tons of wheat a year. In 2023, it expects to produce 112 million tons. Thanks to Borlaug and other scientists and innovators, India’s wheat production has increased by 1,020 percent […]

China’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Double U.S., India Close To Surpassing USA Excerpt: Why doesn’t John Kerry just move his whole climate change doomsday melodrama to Beijing or Mumbai? We’re sure they will listen to his self-righteous lectures. The chart below shows China now has double the CO2 emissions as the United States and will soon have triple our levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, India […]

Watch: Morano on Jesse Watters Primetime on Fox News talks about how kids propagandized by wokeism – ‘Kids being told ‘data is racist…that white supremacy is the cause of climate change’.

Russian-British comedian mocks wokeness in Oxford Union speech: ‘Trained young minds to forget’ – Konstantin Kisin argued wokeness brainwashes young minds into forgetting that work and creation are how to improve the world Automated Transcript: Judge Jeanine Pirro: Let’s welcome my guest, Climate Depot publisher and the author of Green Fraud, Marc Morano okay, Marc, […]

India plans U-turn on coal plant closures in blow to climate pledges

  India plans U-turn on coal plant closures in blow to climate pledges Economic Times of India, 18 August 2022 India’s government is studying a slower retirement of aging coal-fired power plants as it also adds newer sites, a move that would keep fossil fuel capacity higher for years and potentially stall efforts to hit climate […]

Reuters: Oil from U.S. reserves sent overseas to India, Europe & China as U.S. gasoline prices stay high (Reuters) – More than 5 million barrels of oil that were part of a historic U.S. emergency reserves release to lower domestic fuel prices were exported to Europe and Asia last month, according to data and sources, even as U.S. gasoline and diesel prices hit record highs. The export of crude and fuel […]

The U.S. is still importing Russian oil despite the ban, report says BY ADELE PETERS Less than two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine, the U.S. banned the import of Russian fossil fuels like oil and natural gas—a major source of funding for the war. But as the war drags on, some Russian oil is still making it to the United States, according to a new report that tracks […]