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Watch: Morano on Jesse Watters Primetime on Fox News talks about how kids propagandized by wokeism – ‘Kids being told ‘data is racist…that white supremacy is the cause of climate change’.

Russian-British comedian mocks wokeness in Oxford Union speech: ‘Trained young minds to forget’ – Konstantin Kisin argued wokeness brainwashes young minds into forgetting that work and creation are how to improve the world

Automated Transcript:

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Let’s welcome my guest, Climate Depot publisher and the author of Green Fraud, Marc Morano okay, Marc, this guy (Russian-British comedian Konstantin Kisin) is phenomenal he wrote Marc, I’m sorry, this guy is phenomenal. He makes perfect sense what do you think? 

Marc Morano: Kisin was really spot on telling it to these kids at Oxford exactly what they needed to hear. When he talks about how wokeism has invaded their lives and propagandized them on climate change. We have kids out there who believe that you need to defund the police or abolish the police — that those issues are one of the causes of climate change. Kids are being told by professors — one at the University of Rhode Island — that the scientific data is racist. They’re being told by NASA scientists that white supremacy is the cause of climate change. These kids aren’t being taught how to think anymore. They’re being taught to be afraid, and they’re being propagandized to be climate activists. And that’s what even Leonardo DiCaprio is on record saying. ‘We have to get kids young’ to turn them into these climate activists who will then sue the government for not ensuring they have a safe climate. 

This is truly a needed message to be heard everywhere from kindergarten through college.

Jeanine Pirro: I think one of the most important points that he made was, he said if the UK, goes into the sea, it’s not going to make it darn but a difference in terms of energy but what what what about what he said about the future is in Latin America and China they’re the ones who were going to be and are the polluters? 
Marc Morano: Yes. In fact, the United States led the world in reducing CO2 emissions from coal use transferred to natural gas. China and India are, by orders of magnitude, the biggest carbon dioxide emitters. And he’s absolutely right they’re not going to stop emitting. India is on record as saying they are not going to go and limit their development when huge percentages of their citizens don’t have running water or electricity, they are in dire poverty. So the bottom line is, everyone needs wealth, and prosperity, which then leads to technological innovation, which leads to cleaner environments. If you are worried that there is a climate emergency, which these kids are, the way to solve it is the exact opposite of the climate agenda or Green New Deal. It’s wealth, technology, and innovation. That is the way forward. 
Jeanine Pirro: You know, the amazing part about this is we can’t get this argument to young people who are like going crazy gluing themselves to the stores and milk cartons and all that anyway thank you so much for being with us tonight, Marc. 
Marc Morano: Thank you, Judge.