No Standing In Kids Climate Case, 9th Circ. Says By Juan Carlos Rodriguez Law360 (January 17, 2020, 12:32 PM EST) — The Ninth Circuit on Friday threw out a lawsuit filed by a group of children who say the federal government’s failure to act to curb climate change is endangering their future, finding the legislative and executive branches of government are the only […]

Former NASA scientist/activist James Hansen: ‘It’s time for Bernie Sanders to retire’ for opposing nuclear energy Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t Dr. Willie Soon; Ex NASA GISS Director James Hansen, who kicked off the global warming scare with testimony before Congress in 1988, has attacked Democrat Presidential Wannabe Bernie Sanders for promoting a climate policy which will kill people. Top Climate Scientist to Bernie: You’re Killing People in India At Thursday […]

Climate kids lawsuit in federal court demand ‘constitutional right to live in a world safe from climate change’ By JULIA ROSEN JUN 03, 2019 | 7:00 AM    Julia Olson, third from left, chief legal counsel for Our Children’s Trust, stands with some of the 21 young plaintiffs she is representing in Juliana vs. United States. The plaintiffs say the federal government’s inaction on climate change violates their constitutional rights. (Andy Nelson / Eugene Register-Guard) […]

Climate movement grandpa James Hansen declares the Green New Deal is ‘nonsense’ – ‘We need a real deal which understands how economics works’ By Zoya Teirstein In the 1980s, NASA scientist James Hansen brought climate change to the attention of Congress, and shortly thereafter the public. Humans, he testified in 1988, were responsible for rising global temperatures. But the man who put his reputation on the line to alert the world to the dangers of global warming […]

Watch: 60 Minutes presents kids climate ‘gobbledygook’ – Wacky ‘evidence’ presented: 15-year old ‘put her ankle in climate change’ after her house flooded

  60 Minutes goes off the rails with kid climate propaganda:  “60 Minutes” producer Draggan Mihailovich defends kids climate claims: “It’s not gobbledygook that they are spewing.” 21 kid plaintiffs, ranging in age from 11-22 years old. 60 Minutes claims “each of them has an individual claim on how they were damaged by ‘global warming.’” […]

30 years of NOAA tide gauge data debunk 1988 Senate hearing climate alarmist claims

30 years of NOAA tide gauge data debunk 1988 Senate hearing climate alarmist claims Guest essay by Larry Hamlin NOAA has updated its coastal tide gauge measurement data through year 2018 with this update now providing 30 years of actual data since the infamous 1988 Senate hearings that launched the U.S. climate alarmist political […]

NYT Oped: Going Nowhere Fast on Climate, Year After Year Excerpt: So what has happened over the last 30 years? Progress has been made in fits and starts, but not nearly enough has been done to confront the planet-altering magnitude of what we have unleashed. Here’s a look at some of what has occurred: 1988 A report to Congress by the Environmental Protection Agency […]

CNN: Supreme Court won’t block children’s climate change lawsuit

CNN: Supreme Court won’t block children’s climate change lawsuit. By Ariane de Vogue, CNN Supreme Court Reporter Updated 9:15 AM EDT, Sat November 03, 2018 Washington (CNN)The Supreme Court rejected the Trump administration’s request Friday to stop a lawsuit brought by youths who are seeking to hold the government accountable for failing to do […]

2018 reveals climate prediction failures: Maldives have NOT drowned, Lower Manhattan has NOT drowned, & the Arctic is NOT ice-free by Tony Heller As 2018 winds down, some solemn introspection on climate skepticism is necessary. This was the year the Maldives drowned, Lower Manhattan drowned, and the Arctic became ice-free. 26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands Stormy weather – Global warming – The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search What is really sad, […]

CNN claim: Feds are ‘trying to silence’ the ‘climate kids’ suing the Trump administration over global warming – ‘Alleging violations of their constitutional rights to a safe and livable atmosphere’

CNN: Feds are ‘trying to silence’ the kids suing the Trump administration over global warming. (CNN) The “climate kids” were back on the steps of a federal courthouse in Oregon on Monday. But their case against the United States government, alleging violations of their constitutional rights to a safe and livable atmosphere in the […]