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Former NASA scientist/activist James Hansen: ‘It’s time for Bernie Sanders to retire’ for opposing nuclear energy

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; Ex NASA GISS Director James Hansen, who kicked off the global warming scare with testimony before Congress in 1988, has attacked Democrat Presidential Wannabe Bernie Sanders for promoting a climate policy which will kill people.

Top Climate Scientist to Bernie: You’re Killing People in India

At Thursday night’s MSNBC climate forum, Sanders will lead the way in denouncing nuclear power. But the man who put the issue on the map thinks that’s irresponsible.
Eleanor Clift

Updated 09.20.19 5:00AM ET /
Published 09.19.19 4:50AM ET

“It’s time for Bernie Sanders to retire,” Hansen responded in an email. “He truly doesn’t get it. India and China have no prayer of phasing out coal without the help of nuclear power. We burned much of their share of the global carbon budget, and yet we refused to help them with modern nuclear power. Thousands of people PER DAY are dying in India from the pollution…. Not only is he killing people in India, he is screwing my grandchildren,” Hansen wrote.

Josh Orton, from the Sanders campaign, responded: “While Bernie’s plan would not renew licenses for existing nuclear plants in the U.S., it’s crucial to note that the plan doesn’t shut down domestic nuclear immediately, nor does it regulate or prohibit nuclear power abroad. In the United States, we know from scientists and other experts that fuels like nuclear are not only unnecessary for the U.S. to achieve our own climate goals, but carry significant waste problems and scale issues.”

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In a previous decade an attack from a leading climate scientist might have had a significant impact on Bernie’s shot at the Democrat Presidential nomination.

But times have changed. In my opinion it is a long time since the likes of Bernie Sanders and his followers paid serious attention to what scientists have to say.

For example, consider Bernie’s support for the Green New Deal. One of the architects of AOC’s Green New Deal recently admitted that the GND is not based on climate science and was never originally about climate change, the climate tie in was added later.