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The ‘Great Reset’: Rule by Unelected ‘Experts’ – COVID-Climate Technocracy has arrived – ‘The danger of letting lab coats run the world’ – Special Report

Climate Depot Special Report The COVID-19 lockdowns and suspension of liberties have only emboldened climate campaigners to achieve their progressive vision of having “the masses” lives planned, monitored, and  controlled for their “safety” — all in the name of “science.” The very real threat of oppressive rule by unelected experts in government is now threatening […]

‘We need a New Global Deal’ – UN Sec. Gen Guterres Warns a ‘New Model for Global Governance’ Is Coming – ‘Living in balance with nature’ By SIMON KENT As the world continues to grapple with the deadly consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said only one thing is certain in its wake: “a new model of global governance” is coming and the globalist body is doing all it can to hurry its arrival. The Portugese socialist […]

‘Scientists’ warning on affluence’: Study: Wealth harms the planet! Solutions? ‘Degrowth’; ‘Eco-socialism’; Banning ‘oversized vehicles’; ‘Eco-feminism’; ‘Maximum income levels’ Published: 19 June 2020 Scientists’ warning on affluence Thomas Wiedmann, Manfred Lenzen, Lorenz T. Keyßer & Julia K. Steinberger Nature Communications volume 11, Article number: 3107 (2020) Cite this article Abstract For over half a century, worldwide growth in affluence has continuously increased resource use and pollutant emissions far more rapidly than these have been reduced through better technology. The affluent citizens […]

Flashback warning: Scientism leads us to technocracy: C.S. Lewis: ‘I dread government in the name of science. That is how tyrannies come in’ The Wuhan Virus Reminds Us: Beware Scientism and the Technocrats By Trevor Thomas It was not unusual in ancient times for individuals to sell themselves into servitude — as “bondservants” — which was often described as a form of slavery. Usually this was due to excessive debt, but sometimes it was done simply to have […]

Top German MP Warns ‘We have overcome the dictatorship in East Germany, and now we are facing a dictatorship of the climate law’

  Top German MP Warns Of ‘Dictatorship Of Climate Law’ Climate War Splits German Government As Climate Law Is Postponed Indefinitely VIa: GWPF Newsletter 02/23/19 Top German MP Warns Of ‘Dictatorship Of Climate Law’ Deutschlandfunk, 23 February 2019Legally binding targets for greenhouse gas emissions for individual German ministries are a danger to democracy, says the […]