John Kerry wants you dead!? Watch: Kerry in 2021: ‘Even if we get to Net Zero, we still have to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere’

JOHN KERRY in 2021: “Even if we get to Net Zero, we still have to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.” – JOHN KERRY, SPECIAL PRESIDENTIAL ENVOY FOR CLIMATE REMARKS on APRIL 22, 2021

Reality Check to Kerry’s anti-human rant: Washington State University report: “What is CO2? CO2 is a natural component of the atmosphere…CO2 is produced when people breathe. Each exhaled breath by an average adult contains 35,000 to 50,000 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 – 100 times higher than is typically found in the outside air (OSA).”

Dem States’ Carbon-Free Energy Plans Will Barely Make A Dent In China’s Projected Emissions, Report Finds

The John Locke Foundation report assessed the costs of “decarbonizing” electricity production across every state, standardizing each state’s maximum possible reduction in carbon dioxide emissions relative to 2005 levels in terms of how many daily minutes of new Chinese emissions those reductions would offset. The report found that states with carbon-free electricity goals, including California, New York and Minnesota, would not make much impact relative to newly-generated Chinese carbon dioxide emissions.

While California, New York, and Minnesota have committed to reaching 100% carbon-free energy production between 2040 and 2045, China permitted two coal plants on average in 2022, according to a report by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air. China’s de facto dictator, Xi Jinping, insinuated in July that the country would not be bound by external factors and agreements, such as the United Nations’ Paris Accords, when it comes to charting its energy future, according to the Heritage Foundation. 

Greta’s Call to ‘End Fossil Fuels Now’ Would Not ‘Stop Climate Change’ – Would Cause Deaths of Millions says Friends of Science–would-cause-deaths-of-millions-says-friends-of-science-301920162.html BY Friends of Science Society Greta Thunberg warms up the climate community for the Sept. 15, 2023, march to “End Fossil Fuels Now,” which would cause the deaths of millions of people, says Friends of Science Society. Climate scientist Patrick Brown reveals he distorted his research just to get published; in Canada doctors and Indigenous people square off over fossil […]

Watch: Congressman Scott Perry’s face-to-face climate debate with John Kerry – Slams Kerry as ‘a grifter’

# By JONAS VESTERBERG QUADRILLIONS FOR CLIMATE AGENDA At a committee hearing in July, John Kerry had trouble explaining the most basic claims of man-made climate change when put on the spot by U.S. Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA), who pressured him on the basic details of his mission. Perry wasn’t happy with the answers […]

Geologist Dr. Ian Plimer counters USA Today’s ‘fact-check’ on CO2 levels: Media’s ‘fact-checking resorted to lies & omissions’

Special to Climate Depot FACT CHECKING THE FACT-CHECKERS By Dr. Ian Plimer, Emeritus Professor – The University of Melbourne, Australia Media Claim: Climate skeptic’s claims about CO2 levels, ice ages, and animals misleads. Fact check (by Kate S. Petersen, USA TODAY) The article claims, “Neither Plimer nor the social media user responded when USA TODAY asked which […]

New Study that Claims it Can Directly Link GHG Emissions to Polar Bear Cub Survival is Poppycock From Polar Bear Science By Susan Crockford A global warming miracle has happened. While no scientist worldwide has ever drawn a straight line between greenhouse gas emissions and population declines in a species considered at risk due to climate change, a new paper just published in Science Magazine claims to have performed this unlikely feat for […]

Watch: Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry rejects ‘climate crisis’: ‘It’s been characterized as a very simple issue: As if CO2 emitted from fossil fuels is some sort of a control knob on the climate. Well, it just flat out isn’t’ 

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry on the ‘climate crisis’: “It’s been characterized as a very simple issue: As if carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuels is some sort of a control knob on the climate. Well, it just flat out isn’t. 

Sure, humans are influencing the climate to some extent, but natural climate variability is far and away the dominant factor. And they’re seizing on extreme weather events as motivating the elimination of fossil fuels, which is fairly ludicrous because a warming climate…there’s no evidence that this is leading to worse extreme weather events. We’ve always had extreme weather. We’re currently having extreme weather, and we will have extreme weather in the future no matter what we do regarding fossil fuels. And, and so the urgency that is put forward that we have to deal with this issue with all these made-up targets 1.5 degrees centigrade, or whatever, is leading us to make hasty decisions that are bad.”

Will ‘super emitters’ Bill Gates & John Kerry relinquish some of their wealth to save the planet?! Study finds 40% of US CO2 emissions attributed to richest households The wealthiest tenth of U.S. households are the source of 40 percent of national greenhouse gas emissions, according to research published in the journal PLOS Climate.  Researchers, led by Jared Starr of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, analyzed three decades of household income data from 1990 to 2019. They found that during this period, the bottom 90 […]

Joe Bastardi: Climate policy is the real existential threat

Bastardi: The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that the United States emitted 5,130 million metric tons of energy-related carbon dioxide in 2019. THAT COMES OUT TO 11.28 TRILLION POUNDS. Very close to what trees take out!!!! … Every tree takes about 50 lbs of CO2 out of the air. I am going to use my home state of Pennslyvania, which is an industrial powerhouse that, in 2022, emitted 156,000,000,000 lbs of CO2. The dirty little secret is that Pennsylvania has almost 5 BILLION trees. At 50 lbs per tree, that is close to 250,000,000,000 lbs of CO2 taken out of the air. Meaning due to the trees in Pennsylvania, we are a carbon-negative state because of our forests!

The recent decision in Montana plumbs the depths of dumb. I can word it no other way. MONTANA, DUE TO ALL THE TREES THERE, HAS A NEGATIVE CARBON FOOTPRINT!  So if it’s CO2 that is the problem, how does a judge rule that a state with a negative carbon footprint, is somehow destroying the lives of a bunch of kids whose lives are, actually, being destroyed by needless fear-mongering?

The Greening of the Globe: Global plant life surging By ROBERT W MALONE MD, MS The world is getting much more green – fast. Here we present a global, measurement-based estimate of GPP growth during the twentieth century that is based on long-term atmospheric carbonyl sulfide (COS) records, derived from ice-core, firn and ambient air samples5. We interpret these records using a model […]