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Report: Carbon markets may hit family-scale farmers hard – Carbon ‘offsets could lead to more farmland consolidation or venture capitalists & speculators’ By Mary Stroka – The Center Square Family scale farmers in the Midwest may lose a lot to large agribusinesses through carbon markets, a new report says. According to the report, “Agricultural Carbon Markets, Payments and Data: Big Ag’s Latest Power Grab” by Open Markets Institute and Friends of the Earth, carbon markets programs […]

Analysis: Biden ‘would literally do everything differently if he really cared about’ climate change

.@HolmanJenkins is @WSJ's sharpest columnist. We disagree with him about a #carbontax, which would be pointless and regressive. He has also swallowed the narrative that we know CO2 is serious threat to climate. We don't. Other than that he is cogent. — Clear Energy Alliance (@clearenergy) January 27, 2021 Biden’s Age of Climate Decadence […]

Send your cash now! ‘Cuba wants to get paid to reduce emissions’ – Despite socialist skepticism, Cuba shows interest in carbon trading –

Winston Churchill: The best place to be a socialist is in the free world. 🙂 — Danny Hozack (@DannyHozack) October 3, 2020 By Joe Lo Cuba has suggested it wants to get paid to reduce emissions, if a controversial global carbon credit scheme is set up. In an updated climate plan submitted to the UN this […]

Oregon State GOP Walk Out Of Capitol Building In Protest Of Climate Bill OAN Newsroom UPDATED 6:54 AM PT — Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Republican state legislators in Oregon recently walked out of the state’s capitol building in protest of a Democrat-backed climate bill.  On Monday, all except for one Oregon state GOP senator participated in the walkout to protest a bill that would place strict restrictions […]

Watch: Morano testifies at wild Pennsylvania Climate Hearing – Compared to Racist, a Holocaust denier, tin foil hats & heckled – Dem legislator walks out

Marc Morano Testimony Pennsylvania House October 28, 2019 – House Environmental Resources & Energy Committee – Chairman Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler Watch Full Video of testimony & hearing HERE. Morano’s full testimony here:  Watch 3 excerpts of Morano Testifying Below: Morano verbal testimony excerpt: “The UN IPCC is an organization that has been accurately called a […]

Watch Morano testify live at Pennsylvania State House climate hearing

Watch Morano testify live at Pennsylvania State House climate hearing – Also, Dr. David Legates and others. Begins at 8am. — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) October 28, 2019 Watch Morano testify live at Pennsylvania State House climate hearing – Also, Dr. David Legates and others. Begins at 8am.

Claim: ‘American voters delivered a harsh rebuke to climate deniers on Tuesday’

By Emily Atkin The Democratic Party’s wins across the country yesterday weren’t just a repudiation of President Donald Trump’s regressive agenda, but an endorsement of progressive climate policy. Ralph Northam and Phil Murphy—the governors-elect of Virginia and New Jersey, respectively—both campaigned on joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cap-and-trade coalition. Member states of RGGI put strict limits […]

Virginia moving forward with cap-and-trade plan soon after Democratic win

by John Siciliano Virginia is moving forward with climate change regulations that could mean the expansion of a 10-state cap-and-trade system extending from Massachusetts to Maryland. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality will begin presenting its draft greenhouse gas program next week to the state’s pollution board for approval to create the state’s first cap-and-trade […]