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Gas stations to post signs: ‘Californians are paying collectively $2 billion per year in higher gas prices’ because of global warming regs 6/30/2016 10:48 am PST AddThis Sharing Buttons   B.J. Hansen, MML News Director   Sonora, CA — We reported previously that Republican lawmakers at the state capitol were pushing a bill that would have required service stations to post how much money the state’s Cap and Trade program increases gas prices. The information would […]

The California Civil War: Greens vs. Blue Collar Workers

A group of 16 Assembly Democrats, led by Henry Perea of Fresno County, sent a letter to the California Air Resources Board to reconsider the state’s cap-and-trade program because of its impact on the middle-class and the poor. Perea has proposed Assembly Bill 69, which would establish a three-year suspension on the cap-and-trade program’s requirement to buy permits for transportation fuels. This rule will be […]

California’s Cap-and-Trade Revolt: ‘Democrats fear that applying cap and trade to fuels ‘will cause an immediate jump in prices at the pump’

California’s Cap-and-Trade Revolt Some US Democrats worry that carbon limits will hurt the poor President Obama has mocked Republicans who oppose his climate agenda as flat-earthers. Perhaps he’ll be more charitable to Democrats who are protesting California’s cap-and-trade program as an undue burden on the poor. Last week 16 Democratic Assembly Members—about 30% of […]

Watch Now: Morano in 3 against one Aljazeera TV debate over EPA Climate regs: ‘They are bastardizing science…demonizing carbon dioxide’

Watch 30 minute debate here. Inside Story: Aired on Monday June 2, 2014 Hosted by Ray Suarez – Featuring Climate Depot’s Morano with Debate Opponents:  Sue Tierney, Managing Director of the Analysis Institute in San Francisco; and Vicki Arroyo, Director of Georgetown Law’s Climate Center.  ‘Inside Story’ Host Ray Suarez cautions at the beginning of the […]