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Climate Fact-Check February 2024 Edition

Full pdf here:  Climate Fact-Check February 2024 Edition By Steve Milloy Guest Post by: The Competitive Enterprise Institute, The Heartland Institute, the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and the International Climate Science Coalition, and Truth in Energy and Climate. Editor’s note: This summary serves as a fact check on […]

Analysis: ‘Big Claims About Tiny Numbers’ in ‘record ocean temp’ study – ‘Angst is about a temperature change of three & a half thousandths of one degree. EVERYONE PANIC!!’

Willis Eschenbach: A new paper yclept “New Record Ocean Temperatures and Related Climate Indicators in 2023“ … So all the angst is about a temperature change of three and a half thousandths of one degree. EVERYONE PANIC!! But that wasn’t the interesting part. The interesting part is their uncertainty… Their claimed uncertainty says that four ARGO floats could measure the temperature of the entire global ocean to an uncertainty of less than one tenth of one degree … yeah, right.

Sadly, I fear that’s as far as I got in their paper … I was laughing too hard to continue. I’m sure it’s all sciency and everything, but they lost me by hyperventilating over an ocean warming of three and a half thousandths of a degree and put me over the edge by claiming an impossibly small uncertainty.

Trillions Spent on ‘Climate Change’ Based on Faulty Temperature Data, Climate Experts Say By Katie Spence To preserve a “livable planet,” the Earth can’t warm more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the United Nations warns. Failure to maintain that level could lead to several catastrophes, including increased droughts and weather-related disasters, more heat-related illnesses and deaths, and less food and more poverty, according to NASA. To avert the […]

REPORT: Wrong Again: 2023 Edition – Hottest Lying Ever Wrong Again: 2023 Edition – Hottest Lying Ever Starting in 2022, E&E Legal joined The Heartland Institute, American Energy Institute (AEI), Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), and Truth in Energy and Climate to produce monthly and yearly reports chronicling the most outrageous climate exaggerations spewed out by […]

Analysis: ‘Hottest year ever’ temperature claims based on ‘extensive adjustments by computer algorithms’

Francis Menton of the Manhattan Contrarian: Global surface temperatures, as measured by NOAA and NASA, had decreased somewhat from 2020 highs, bringing about a hiatus in the otherwise endless drumbeat of propaganda from those agencies claiming “hottest month ever” or “hottest year ever.” But then a strong El Niño early last year induced a small temperature increase several months later, picked up by the NOAA/NASA thermometer network. 

The data on which these claims are based have been subject to extensive adjustments by computer algorithms, in every case to lower the temperatures in the earlier years and raise the temperatures in the later years — thus introducing an artificial warming trend that does not exist in the original records.

Hottest 12 Months for 125,000 Years Claim Lacks Any Scientific Evidence

Chris Morrison of Daily Skeptic: Last year humanity lived through the hottest 12 months in at least 125,000 years, reported an hysterical CNN, a frame of mind replicated throughout much of the mainstream media. … 

Accurate temperature records barely started before the 20th century, and recent measurements by fixed thermometers have been heavily corrupted by growing urban heat. It is in fact possible using proxy measurements to get a good idea of general temperature movements over the last 125,000 years.

All the evidence points to periods of much higher temperatures, notably between 10,000 to 5,000 years ago.

The latest science paper examining this trend has just been published, and it points to summer temperatures at least 1.5°C higher around 5,000 years ago in the eastern Mediterranean, at a time when civilization was developing rapidly.

Watch: Morano on Varney on Fox debunks ‘hottest year’, EV mandates – ‘Electric buses will make Virtual Learning come back for students as they won’t be able to get to school’

Fox Business Channel – Varney & Co – Broadcast January 10, 2024

Morano: “The hottest year on record is pretty much declared almost every year every other year. It’s based on temperatures hundreds or tenths of a degree difference between years — many times within the margin of error, the data set and even the NASA former head global warming scientist said it’s ‘not important’ and a political statement.

It’s meant to create fear, meant to push politics like EV mandates. And if you were actually worried about climate change, the last thing you would think of is EVs are the solution. It takes half a million pounds of materials, including rare earth materials to make one average-sized Tesla battery.

Morano on EVs: “EVs dig the Earth, and not on a groovy 1970s Brady Bunch way, Stuart. But I mean, they dig the earth deeply with lots of emissions, with low environmental standards, and we have farmed out all of that mining out to the countries with the worst human rights and environmental standards.”

Morano on Electric School buses: “Mandating electric buses is not going to work, but the only thing electric buses will do is make Virtual Learning come back for students as they won’t be able to get to school. And then once the EV buses collapse the electrical grid, Virtual Learning won’t even exist because of blackouts. And California is very well known for their blackouts.”

Stuart Varney: You’re painting a very dark picture Marc Morano. Come back and do it again. We’ll see you soon.

Claim of fastest, hottest rate of warming for ‘millions of years’ debunked ABC-News (USA) By Jo Nova It’s just another day in the hottest ever hyperbole race. The most unprecedentedly unprecedented record where more scientists on Earth than ever before, forget more of the  Pleistocene than they ever have in history. We know it was hotter in the Holocene, hotter in the Eemian, and hotter for most […]

Climate researcher rips ‘hottest in at least 125,000 years’ claim – ‘Any scientist supporting this ridiculous claim is selling snake oil’

A new report claims that the past 12-months have been the hottest in at least 125,000 years. The best proxy analyses can only refine temporal resolution down to about 30-years. Individual years? Throw a dart. Any scientist supporting this ridiculous claim is selling snake oil. — Chris Martz (@ChrisMartzWX) November 10, 2023