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Claim of fastest, hottest rate of warming for ‘millions of years’ debunked

Hottest ever headlines

ABC-News (USA)

By Jo Nova

It’s just another day in the hottest ever hyperbole race. The most unprecedentedly unprecedented record where more scientists on Earth than ever before, forget more of the  Pleistocene than they ever have in history.

We know it was hotter in the Holocene, hotter in the Eemian, and hotter for most of the last 200 million years, but we have 130 years of thermometer records so it’s time to get hysterical. Just because the seas were 1 – 2 meters higher, or nine meters higher, it’s nothing…

Here’s how 2023 became the hottest year on record

By Carolym Granling and Nikk Ogasa, Science News

This year didn’t just shatter records. It changed the scales.

Graph after graph tracking this year’s soaring global temperatures reveal that not only were the numbers higher than ever recorded in many places around the world, but the deviation from the norm was also astonishingly large.

Michael Mann says it’s the fastest rate of warming for millions of years. Naturally, no science journalist thinks to ask him how he could possibly know this?

What’s especially concerning, experts say, is that “the rate of warming over the past century has no precedent as far back as we are able to look, not only hundreds or thousands, but many millions of years,” according to University of Pennsylvania meteorologist Michael Mann’s book “Our Fragile Moment.”

Think about how impossibly hard it is to know how much the world warmed from say 3,450,000 BC to 3,449,900? I mean in the last 10 million years there are 100,000 whole centuries. How many samples do we need each century from around the world to estimate what the “global” rate of warming was in every single century? If we just have three samples from the year 2 million BC, could we really say we knew what the temperature was?

Here (below) is one estimate of temperatures for the last 50,000 centuries. It’s a wild ride. Really, truly, could anyone say there wasn’t one century that warmed faster than our last one?

Five Million years of Climate Change and sediment Cores. Paleoclimate, ice ages, Graph.

Graph based on work by Lisiecki and Raymo in 2005.  Image created by Robert A. Rohde / Global Warming Art

Has Michael Mann found an unknown trove of temperature records from Australopithecus onward, or was it just a moment of mad arrogance fueled by 30 years of propaganda?

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h/t to Marc Morano (Climate Depot)


L. E. Lisiecki and M. E. Raymo  (2005) — A Pliocene-Pleistocene stack of 57 globally distributed benthic δ18O records, Paleoceanography 20, 1003