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Watch: Morano on Fox talking Pope Francis climate summit Gov. Gavin Newsom: ‘It’s an unholy alliance’

Fox Business – The Bottom Line – Broadcast May 16, 2024

Sean Duffy: I’m a catholic and ashamed of the Pope, and in Europe, all the churches are empty, and the FBI is targeting catholic in traditional Latin mass and had — Latin mass, and Kansas City kicker that gave a speech, and attacked including by the NFL. That’s the space of the pope, not climate change.

Marc Morano: It is. I attended the 2015 Vatican climate summit, and the merging of the United Nations agenda and the Vatican came together. It’s an unholy alliance that Pope Francis has made here. They’re at direct odds because the church isn’t focusing on what they should be and everything the Catholic doctrine teaches…What other nonsense and it’s really doing a disservice.

Final word, marc.

Marc Morano: Fossil fuels have been the engine that’s driven America’s growth & the powerhouse economy. To deny that is to go back to the dark ages, the preindustrial revolution. What they’re really seeking is control over our energy, our food, our freedom of movement, and transportation, and Gavin Newsom is the lead person on that and literally banning gas-powered cars without a single vote of legislators everywhere, and we’re jumping like lemmings doing what Gavin Newsom is doing.

Sean Duffy: thank you, Marc.

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