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Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: Do Facts Matter to the Pope? He is ‘unaware that large natural forcings…have always ruled the climate’

By Joe Bastardi

The recent declaration on climate by the pope is another example of what William F Buckley termed man having one foot in the city of God and the other in the city of man.  It gets you ripped apart in the spiritual realm

Copying from a lament of Marxists,  the pope points out that with 5% of the world’s population Americans consume 25% of the world’s resources. As if a mighty and infinite God has not provided us with resources no one has tapped into yet. What has America done with that? A DEFACTO redistribution of our wealth by the benefits we have provided the world.

There is a word for this pope and those that speak the way he does. ingrate. He sits upon an empire with a worldly value of 73 Billion. Just where does he think that came from?  The Roman Catholic Church would not be able to do nearly what it does without the prosperity and generosity of the American part of that church.

There are 61 million Catholics in the US, approximately  5% of the worlds. I would argue the US Catholics likely drive 50% of total contributions to the Catholic Church,    So why is the Pope not aware of that? Where would his church be without America? Again the word ingrate comes to mind. But many leftists are. They have no gratitude for what they are given and live in a world that is anything but spiritual.

God did not put man on this earth to wallow in the mire. It’s man’s inhumanity to man that has forced the misery we see today.  The pope has opened the door for class warfare with his comments and directly pointed his finger at fossil fuels as the cause of the prosperity of the few. TOTALLY IGNORING THE BENEFITS.  I ask the pope, where would the Catholic church be without the prosperity and progress made possible by fossil fuels?

This latest proclamation shows that the spiritual leader of the catholic church has abdicated his authority on matters far more spiritual. The very rot that the church has been associated with, from the excommunication of the Eastern Church to countless examples throughout time proves that when focus is taken off God, the result is a spiritual demise. So it is here He has thrown in with people who largely if they have any link to God, it is to use  GOD for their own purpose to elevate their own worldly view.  God is their instrument, not the other way around. They are trying to make men replace God by way of authority. What better way than to destroy a nation that for whatever its fault, proclaimed itself under God from its founding?, It is evil

But has that not happened before time and time again with this church? Would that not be a design of the devil? If the Catholic Church was truly the Church with Peter as the first pope, would not the devil seek to destroy it? Why else are their 1700 protestant denominations

His view reveals ignorance

1) his acceptance of the idea co2 is a negative for the planet WHEN THE VERY GOD HE CLAIMS TO SPEAK FOR created a system where men exhale 100x more co2 than they inhale, and then plants use that to grow and give back oxygen for animals, an almost perfect synergism born of intelligent design was created, is nonsense. So, he demonizes what is good

2) He seems to be unaware that large natural forcings, again created by the hand of the God he claims to serve, have always ruled the climate. And why not? Is it not the heavens that proclaim the glory of God? So the infinite power and majesty of God’s creation is dumbed down to a missive that is opposite of God’s command to have dominion over this,

3) He is unaware that whatever current warming there is,  in the geological time scale reveals we are in a climate optimum

4) He is unaware that weather station-based temperatures are an undetectable .16 above average

5) he is unaware that with 4x the number of people on the planet than the start of the fossil fuel era we have 1/28th the amount of climate and weather-related deaths

We can go on and on. But lastly, he is unaware that if he truly believes God is in control in this matter he will certainly dictate the outcome. Perhaps it is the evil that is the proof that the only place to turn to is God Lord knows men solving problems has not worked. And destroying the ability of men to prosper is evil. God gives us a choice, The pope’s attitude on climate takes away choice.

Like I said,  when one has one foot in the city of God and one in the city of man, you will be spiritually ripped apart. The leader of over a billion Catholics should be concerned with other matters rather than blasting a system where 5% of the world’s Catholics likely fund over 50% of the church he leads. That is not an accident. It is because of a system that gave men freedom, the prosperity, and generosity to make such massive contributions to the church and to mankind as a whole.

His attack on that is meant to tear that down and is the sign of an ingrate and ignorance as to all the facts, Given the nature of God is infinite, the assumption that any one man or group of men has an answer is arrogance. I think this volley on climate by the Vicar or Rome demonstrates all 3 of these.