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Reality Bites: Why Wind, Solar, And Electric Car Advocates Must Also Love Fossil Fuels – ‘Blocking fossil fuel development increases
cost for renewables’ By Jude Clemente Let’s start with the basics: fossil fuels supply 80% of the world’s energy and about 80% of the energy consumed in the U.S. Energy is the driving force of modern life, so fossil fuels are thus the inherent inputs to just about everything that we do, make, and consume. One could […]

Watch: Catholic nun tackles an environmental activist trying to stop construction of a religious center in France

Via France 3:

“I didn’t expect that ,” expressed Sylvain Hérenguel, co-president of the association for the future of the Bourges valley. “ I expected the nuns to be a little reasonable for the public order . The problem is that the religious decided to resort to violence. I was attacked 3 times by five people, who snatched me, who wanted to throw me out. There, They decided to protect the site with their actions and their bodies ,” he added. 

Calm then returned. However, the nuns continue to surround, on the basis of a human chain, the backhoe loader supposed to carry out the work.

“Prevent the destruction of a rare plant”: “They do not have authorization to destroy the habitats of protected species ,” denounces the head of de la Bourges…Generally speaking, opponents fear the deterioration of the site along the river and the nuisance generated by the massive arrival of pilgrims.

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: ‘Solving the mystery of global temperature’ – ‘Volcanic eruption…sent immense amounts of water vapor into the air’ By Joe Bastardi  There is nothing mysterious about it unless you are totally blind to the natural forcing that supplies the reason. It should at least raise questions. Water Vapor (WV) is by far a more important “heat-trapping ” gas than CO2.  While we take great delight in measuring CO2 increase, no one on the […]