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Biden’s climate corps will hire ‘diverse generation’ of 20,000 Americans to ‘tackle climate change’; no work experience required

Via Fox News:

President Biden is planning to sign an executive order Wednesday to establish a federal workforce training and service initiative as part of his administration’s efforts to fight climate change.

Biden’s so-called American Climate Corps will, according to the White House, mobilize “a new, diverse generation” of more than 20,000 Americans who will be trained and put to work on conservation, clean energy and environmental justice projects. The ultimate goal of the program is to pave the way for members of the corps to find jobs in the public and private sector.

“The American Climate Corps is a new initiative that will… work on a wide range of projects that tackle climate change — including restoring coastal wetlands to protect communities from storm surges and flooding, deploying clean energy, managing forests to improve health and prevent catastrophic wildfires, implementing energy efficient solutions to cut energy bills for hardworking families, and more,” the White House said.

“All American Climate Corps programs will be paid experiences that adhere to a common set of programmatic standards, and provide pathways to high-quality employment opportunities in the public and private sectors,” it continued.

The White House added that no prior experience is required for climate corps applicants.

In addition, the White House announced that, in conjunction with the federal effort, five states — Arizona, Utah, Minnesota, North Carolina and Maryland — are moving forward with their own climate corps.


Those state groups will work with the American Climate Corps as “implementing collaborators to ensure young people across the country are serving their communities, while participating in paid opportunities and working on projects to tackle climate change.”


2021: Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends: AOC’s $10B taxpayer-funded ‘Climate Corps’: ‘Are they going to lose the ‘R’ in ‘Climate Corps’ & become ‘Climate Cops’? Will they enforce no hamburger eating & no pet dogs?

Morano: First of all, we already have Park Service, all sorts of government agencies doing exactly what this program is claiming to do. This is just a big political patronage effort. If you go back, and I actually did, Duke University has a great history of FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s original Civilian Conservation Corps, which this is modeled after. The FDR program was riddled with political patronage. They actually passed a bill that Democratic Congressmen — FDR’s ruling party — had to be able to provide lists of people they wanted jobs for. This is how you do favors in politics, this is how you get loyal voters. And again, this is not something that, that is needed because it’s already duplicating what we have.

The real question is given they’ve gone after hamburger eating and even owning dogs and cats in the climate agenda, are they going to lose the ‘R’ in ‘Climate Corps’ and become ‘Climate Cops’ and start admonishing people, knocking hamburgers out of their mouth at a park or telling them they shouldn’t own a pet dog?

This could go in a whole bunch of different ways. But bottom line, this has nothing to do with the climate. It’s not going to stop the Biden administration from trying to push the UN Paris Agreement on us. It’s just another nonsense government job instead of actually creating wealth and giving people real opportunities.



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Here is an excerpt of the history of FDR’s plan from the 1930s from Duke University: During FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps, “Democratic congressmen were quick to exploit another source of political gain. A substantial section of the array of jobs created by the establishment of the CCC was available as political largesse.” … Congressional Democrats were irate over the possibility that no spoils would be forthcoming; to placate them, an order was issued in July, 1933, requiring that certain supervisory positions not demanding any special skill “shall be filled from lists submitted by Congressmen.” … “The fact that the CCC had become a source of electoral gain for politicians explains in part the overwhelming support for it in Congress.”