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Climate activists now trying to cancel pets! Pet Police have arrived: ‘Expert suggested reducing rate of dog & cat ownership in favor of other animals’ to reduce ‘pets’ carbon footprint’ – Equal to emissions of 13 million cars!


Are our pets gobbling up the planet?
From the meat-based meals to kitty litter to plastic poop bags, pet care is unarguably bad for the environment. What can we do about it?

By Eleanor Cummins and Maki Naro

And our four-legged friends’ consumption contributes to an estimated 64 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year, according to Okin’s 2017 calculations. That’s equivalent to 13 million cars.

Diet has downstream consequences, too. Pet waste is a major source of bacteria in urban watersheds. It can also lead to algal blooms, which deplete oxygen in the water, killing fish. Proper poop disposal is important. Okin found that pet poop is equivalent to the annual trash of 6.6 million humans. That’s more trash than Maryland produces!



But our options are imperfect. Plastic doggy bags are derived from fossil fuels, while some cat litter requires strip-mining to extract the highly absorbent clay. This practice can lead to soil erosion, habitat destruction, and groundwater contamination.“Reducing the rate of dog and cat ownership, perhaps in favor of other pets that offer similar health and emotional benefits, would considerably reduce these impacts,” Okin’s study concluded.If you have a yard, you can create a dedicated compost pile (but please do your research and follow the proper precautions).





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