Now the UK government wants to control your kitchen fridge or send you to jail

Jo Nova: Are they your appliances or the state’s? If you don’t control the power switch you know the answer.

When they call something “smart” we know it’s stupid — and the mind-boggling complexity of central agencies switching on and off ovens and heaters across the country to “fit” with the weather is a dystopia we don’t need to have. Do you need 90 minutes to roast a chook, or 120? It depends on the wind strength in Scotland. If the kids can’t get to bed early, or you can’t wash their clothes, they can just miss the first hour of school right?
Every word is a lie:

The problem with trying to control the weather with our energy grid is that it’s impossible, so no request aimed at reaching into your home and bossing you around is “too much”. There is no natural endpoint. No moment when the weather will be perfect and not in need of changing somehow. No day when they can declare, “We stopped the storms — you can have your fridge back”.

The demand for power and control over the masses will just keep increasing until they revolt. So save time, revolt now.

If you like your old fridge you can keep it, but we’ll send you jail

Watch: Congressman Scott Perry’s face-to-face climate debate with John Kerry – Slams Kerry as ‘a grifter’

# By JONAS VESTERBERG QUADRILLIONS FOR CLIMATE AGENDA At a committee hearing in July, John Kerry had trouble explaining the most basic claims of man-made climate change when put on the spot by U.S. Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA), who pressured him on the basic details of his mission. Perry wasn’t happy with the answers […]

Morano: ‘Climate Crisis’ Is a Psyop Designed To Take Away Rights, End Democracy

Climate expert Marc Morano says that man-made climate change is being used as a pretext for pushing society in an authoritarian, dictatorial direction.

“The COVID psyop is ending, and the climate psyop is now in full swing,” Morano says – meaning that both are artificial constructs used to manipulate and oppress the population: psychological operations.

The rulers’ goal, Morano argues, is to end personal freedoms and liberties and usher in a new dictatorial system of government. Like the so-called pandemic, climate change is a weapon in their arsenal to achieve this:

“We already see how they are merging climate change with public health. There are calls for Biden to declare a climate emergency. Just like with 9/11 and COVID, an emergency declaration will grant the president new powers to place restrictions on everything from household appliances, gas-powered cars, travel and freedom of movement – you name it,” Morano says.

“It’s complete balderdash,” says Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore. “We’re stuck in this situation where all this negative information and scare stories are being fed to the politicians so they can use them to control the public.”