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Watch: Congressman Scott Perry’s face-to-face climate debate with John Kerry – Slams Kerry as ‘a grifter’




At a committee hearing in July, John Kerry had trouble explaining the most basic claims of man-made climate change when put on the spot by U.S. Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA), who pressured him on the basic details of his mission.

Perry wasn’t happy with the answers he received – especially regarding the Biden administration’s climate agenda, which he claims would spend outrageous amounts on carbon capture and unproven technologies.

“In December of 2022, you told The Washington Post we need to remove 1.6 trillion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere via direct air capture, the direct cost for that is about $1,000 per ton or $1.6 quadrillion,” Perry said.

“You want to have the American taxpayer… Spend 1.6 quadrillion dollars on a problem that, A: doesn’t exist and that you… might be exacerbating, because it’s unknown … it might actually destroy life.”

Kerry did not make much effort to address Rep. Perry’s fears.

“Why do you think 195 countries in the world… their prime ministers, their presidents [agree on climate change],” Kerry said, during which Perry rapidly cut him off:

“Because they’re grifting like you are, sir.”


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