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Watch: Morano on OAN TV on hospitals being blinded by this insane climate ideology’ – ‘We’ve reached peak madness, were at the end stages of the US Empire’

IN FOCUS: Climatedepot.Com Founder, Marc Morano, On The ‘Greening’ Of American Health Care

OAN TV – In Focus – W/ Alison Steinberg – Broadcast June 23, 2023


Morano: “You have doctors now and hospital administrators who are spending an inordinate amount of time focusing on climate now. ‘Should we be using this drug?; Is this too much anesthesia for the climate? Should we be allowing these doctors to scrub their hands this long? Let’s put timers on the sinks so we don’t waste water.”

This is infection control. This is where people go for life-saving treatment. And now they’ve been blinded by this insane climate ideology, and here’s how bad it’s gotten; the American Cancer Society, the group that’s focused on allegedly, the best cancer treatments with the best survival rates to help people with cancer to get treatment — is now worried about the carbon footprint of cancer care.

So you have all these hospitals trying to be climate compliant now, and what’s just happened? A massive shortage in cancer treatment. Guess who’s filling the void? China, Once again, the United States goes bonkers with climate regulations, this time in the medical community, this time and hospitals, this time with cancer care, and guess what it means in the end, China, more reliance on China, more profits to China, more jobs to China.

We’ve reached peak madness, were at the end stages of the US Empire when we read articles and see what’s happening in our hospitals right now across the country.

On Democrat donor starting fires:

Morano: “Something’s off on this whole story. There are Democrat politicians blaming climate change on a fire when it turns out one of their donors started it. It’s almost like a setup. Are we supposed to take this seriously?

Morano on Greta’s failed 5-year tipping point: “The bottom line is we’ve already died. We’re dead.

As USA faces cancer drug shortage…Cancer Society in 2020 fretted over ‘carbon footprint of cancer care’