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Professor MIKE HULME: Stop blaming everything on climate change! Eco-campaigners link global warming to everything from divorce to the war in Ukraine – but this myopic view could be catastrophic By MIKE HULME One of the educational pages about climate change on the BBC’s website for children laid out the negative impacts of future global warming. But it also pointed out that warmer temperatures could mean healthier outdoor lifestyles, open up shipping routes in the Arctic through the melting ice and allow easier access to oil in Alaska and Siberia. […]

Watch: Morano on OAN TV on hospitals being blinded by this insane climate ideology’ – ‘We’ve reached peak madness, were at the end stages of the US Empire’

IN FOCUS: Climatedepot.Com Founder, Marc Morano, On The ‘Greening’ Of American Health Care OAN TV – In Focus – W/ Alison Steinberg – Broadcast June 23, 2023   Morano: “You have doctors now and hospital administrators who are spending an inordinate amount of time focusing on climate now. ‘Should we be using this drug?; Is […]

Watch: Morano in-studio on Dallas TV show talking for 1 hour on climate, CO2 levels, COVID & Great Reset Interview with Marc Morano, Author of The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown, Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think, Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate, Founder of, @ClimateDepot Follow Debbie Georgatos! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: America Can We Talk is a show with a mission […]

John Kerry’s daughter has a new job! Dr. Vanessa Kerry appointed as WHO Dir-Gen Special Envoy for Climate Change & Health 22 June 2023 WHO is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Vanessa Kerry as the first-ever Director-General Special Envoy for Climate Change and Health. Dr Kerry, a renowned global health expert and medical doctor and CEO of Seed Global Health, will play a pivotal role in amplifying WHO’s climate and health messaging and […]