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John Kerry Meets with Pope Francis: Fighting Climate at ‘Heart of Morality’ – We are responsible for ‘Mother Earth’ By THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D. ROME — Pope Francis received John Kerry in private audience at the Vatican Monday, where the two discussed the importance of combating climate change for the good of the planet. Kerry, in Rome as United States presidential envoy for climate, praised the pontiff for his leadership on the topic of climate […]

As USA faces cancer drug shortage…Cancer Society in 2020 fretted over ‘carbon footprint of cancer care’

As USA faces cancer drug shortage… Cancer Society in 2020 fretted over 'carbon footprint of cancer care' – AND – Politco June 2023: Hospitals Turning into ‘Climate Change Fighting Machines’ – ‘More Earth-friendly drugs’ – Reducing ‘anesthetic gas’ — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) June 19, 2023 Will climate compliance regs help cancer drug availability?! […]

‘The 15-minute city is a working-class nightmare’: ‘A car-free lifestyle is only possible for those whose profession & income permit it’ By Michael Lind Is there a global conspiracy to confine people to “15-minute cities”? At the recent UK local elections, MPs and councillors heard this message from voters. The commitment of a growing number of cities such as Bristol, Ipswich, London, Birmingham and Oxford to limit car usage in particular districts and neighbourhoods has been seized upon […]

Limitations on mining for electricity: ‘More than 3 billion tons of metals & minerals’ needed over next 3 decades Just for electricity from EV batteries and the electricity occasionally generated from wind turbines and solar panels, the World Bank estimates that more than three billion tons of metals and minerals could be required over the next three decades to power the technologies for a global electricity transition. The transition to electricity and its […]

Climate ideology in America’s classrooms By Peter Murphy  America’s K-12 classrooms are increasingly becoming indoctrination centers for a one-sided view of climate change, aka, global warming and the supposed existential threat to humankind. The Biden administration, universities, left-of-center think tanks and state governments are developing and spreading climate change curriculum that also contains an explicit activist bent to turn the […]

California’s emissions regulatory death spiral By Ronald Stein  I just got back from a 2-hour lunch with one of the guys who serves on working groups and committees of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), and he shared his frustrations working with these agencies. The frustration stems from the devastating impact […]

Politco: Hospitals Turning into ‘Climate Change Fighting Machines’ – Limiting water with ‘timers for operating room sinks’ – ‘More Earth-friendly drugs’ – Reducing ‘anesthetic gas’ – ‘Decarbonize U.S. health care’ By JOANNE KENEN Inside the greening of American health care. Excerpts: Sometimes they’ll use more Earth-friendly drugs when appropriate. They’ve already stopped using another common anesthetic gas, called desflurane, which remains in the atmosphere for a decade or more, according to Shira Abeles, an infectious disease physician at UCSD, who recently became its medical […]

Beware doctors who prioritize ‘sustainability’ over patient welfare – ‘Allowing people to suffer in the name of sustainability’ By Linnea Lueken | The Heartland Institute A recent article in Politico’s “Climatology” section is intensely disturbing, especially when taken to its logical conclusions. While the title on its own, “Can Hospitals Turn into Climate Change Fighting Machines?” might not be alarming at first glance, the content has sinister undertones that seem to be […]