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‘The 15-minute city is a working-class nightmare’: ‘A car-free lifestyle is only possible for those whose profession & income permit it’

By Michael Lind

Is there a global conspiracy to confine people to “15-minute cities”? At the recent UK local elections, MPs and councillors heard this message from voters. The commitment of a growing number of cities such as Bristol, Ipswich, London, Birmingham and Oxford to limit car usage in particular districts and neighbourhoods has been seized upon by the paranoid as further evidence of a “Great Reset” directed by the economic elites of Davos that uses climate change as an excuse for social regimentation. In parliament the Conservative MP Nick Fletcher denounced the 15-minute city as an “international socialist concept”.


Climate lockdowns in Oxfordshire UK: Social Credit System for travel – Council seeks to ‘cut car use…by placing strict rules on car journeys’ to meet Net-Zero goals