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Watch: Morano on Jesse Watters on Fox News smoking cigar & talks ‘weaponizing’ Canadian smoke: ‘We will have to go without gas stoves, vehicles, & eating meat because these fires are allegedly caused by ‘climate change’

Jesse Watters Primetime – Fox News Channel – Broadcast June 7, 2023


Jesse Watters: Marc Morano is the Climate Depot publisher and author of The Great Reset. There you go. You went camping in Canada, didn’t you?

Marc Morano: No, I’m just pointing out that it is probably healthier right now to smoke a cigar than it is to go outside your studio and breathe Justin Trudeau’s air that he has exported from Canada. If they really wanted to get kids to smoke the equivalent of half a pack of cigarettes, they ought to send the cigarettes directly to the kids, and they could avoid all the flight closures and all the other havoc. This is exactly what you would expect to happen. This is a Canadian natural disaster, mismanagement, and now they are trying to blame global warming, which makes it; what? Our fault. It’s our SUVS. It’s our gas stoves, which, by the way, didn’t New York ban them? Shouldn’t wildfires be a thing of the past?

Jesse Watters: Some guy doesn’t put out his cigarette in Canada; it’s my fault. I’m driving an escalade. Is that why Trudeau hasn’t apologized?

Marc Morano: And you will have to sacrifice because of it, yes. Trudeau has said he admires China’s basic dictatorship. It makes a lot sense because China — the most horrible air quality of any country in the world– Trudeau is trying to imitate China; he is following it with his tyrannical crush on free speech and the dissidence of the Freedom Convoy and now trying to imitate China’s air quality. He can’t get enough of China, and now he is exporting all of that to the United States.

Jesse Watters: It smells terrible. Smells like my grandfather’s cabin in Vermont. It looks like a Mars colony out here. Is this some sort of apocalypse? I’m getting some weird vibes, Marc.

Marc Morano: You showed the Ghostbuster’s movie clip. Every day is an apocalypse to a climate activist. Al Gore for decades, has had the same line: ‘Every night in the news is like a nature walk through the Book of Revelation.” That’s what they literally want to do. They weaponize every bad weather event. Make no mistake — Justin Trudeau’s smoke which we are all inhaling now — I’m in Virginia, and my son’s soccer practice was canceled because of Justin Trudeau’s smoke — they want us to pay to fix it.

We will have to go without gas stoves. We have to go without vehicles. We will have to go without eating meat because these fires are allegedly caused by ‘climate change’. We have to fight back on this. Even the Canadian national database shows that Canadian wildfires are down significantly, a continued decline over many decades. This is not a ‘climate’ wildfire. And the smoke is Justin Trudeau’s, not from our SUVs.

Jesse Watters: Why do you think the president hasn’t addressed the nation? Half of us are inside with masks on.

Marc Morano:  That’s a great question. Joe Biden, when he is not tripping and falling, maybe he inhaled too much of the smoke today, and they are trying to get him to recover. I don’t know. But this is an air quality disaster the likes of which we haven’t seen. But I will tell you what. San Francisco is still a less attractive place to live than New York City with all the fog. I don’t care if you can’t see the Statue of Liberty. No one wants to go to San Francisco even though they may have cleaner air for today only.

Jesse Watters: Now we just can’t see the junkies, the homeless, the migrants, it’s like, you know, ignorance is bliss. I’m just going to have black lung except Johnny will probably be blacker. Marc, thank you very much. We really appreciate it. Enjoy one for me, too.

Marc Morano: Too much smoke. Thank you. Jesse