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You are being conned: Data, studies & UN IPCC all reveal Canadian fires not due to ‘climate change’ – ‘There has been a significant & continuing decline in the number of fires’

Despite the scientific evidence, climate activists are still pushing a man-made climate change link to the Canadian wildfires.

Biden joins AOC in linking Canadian wildfires to ‘climate crisis’ – Ocasio-Cortez has used the wildfires to push for her signature Green New Deal

President Biden has joined far-left “Squad” member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., in linking the ongoing Canadian wildfires pouring smoke into the U.S. to the “climate crisis.” “We’ve deployed more than 600 U.S. firefighters, support personnel, and equipment to support Canada as they respond to record wildfires – events that are intensifying because of the climate crisis,” Biden tweeted Wednesday.

But the wildfire data and scientific evidence and history reveal otherwise.

Canadian National Fire Database data disputes climate link to fires: ‘There has been a significant & continuing decline in the number of fires & no discernible trend in the area burned’

Even the UN IPCC Admits Climate Change Doesn’t Increase Forest Fires – Roger Pielke JR, a former chairman of the American Meteorological Society Committee on Weather Forecasting, points out that even the alarmist Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) “has not detected or attributed fire occurrence or area burned to human-caused climate change.”

Canadian Wildfires – CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS BEGIN! Masks, stay-at-home orders, canceled schools, businesses & sporting events – Economist Martin Armstrong: “The governments are testing an ECONOMIC LOCKDOWN.”

USA Today: Smoke ‘keeping temperatures cooler than average – Temps ‘running 5-8 degrees cooler than forecast due to smoke in the atmosphere’

Media Wrong Again & Quebec wildfires: ‘Media has been quick’ to link Canada fires to man-made climate change

‘Less fire today than centuries ago’ – Scientists, studies counter claim that wildfires due to ‘climate change’ – Book Excerpt


Bjorn Lomborg: ‘Stop these silly, undocumented claims of ever-increasing fire’ Claims ‘based on anecdotes, not data’ – Reality is Global & U.S. fires declining]

U.S. Geological Survey: 2018 California Wildfires Emitted as Much CO2 as an Entire Year’s Worth of Calif. Electricity

Shellenberger: Forget The Amazon Hype, Fires Globally Have Declined 25% Since 2003 Thanks To Economic Growth – Burning ‘is declining thanks to development’



NYT claims ‘no one is safe’ from extreme weather: Dr. Pielke responds: ‘I can’t get over how egregiously wrong this NYT article is’ – People ‘have never in all of history been more safe in the face of weather & climate extremes’

Biden tours Colorado wildfire damage that destroyed 1000 homes — offer his solution: ‘We’re gonna have windmills, you’re gonna see that have 100-yard wingspans, each, each propeller on that on that windmill, 100 yards long’

Fires far worse last century: Claim global warming causing wildfires goes up in — flames

Media & climate activists now admit Trump was correct on better forest management to stop wildfires

Watch: The ‘infantilization & gangsterization of science by CO2 Mafia’ – Dr. Willie Soon debunks climate wildfire claims