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Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV: ‘We need Republican leadership to say, ‘Hell, no,’ to end this whole Net Zero climate scam once & for all’

Newsmax TV’s ‘The Count’ – New Dishwasher Rules & Green Agenda – Broadcast May 13, 2023


Host: Lidia Curanaj: Marc Morano of and author of The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown. Also with us as Steve Milloy, Senior Legal Fellow at the Energy and Environmental Legal Institute is also a former Trump advisor.

Marc Morano, I’ll start off with you. What do you think of President Trump’s solutions that.

Trump: “Drill baby drill.”

Marc Morano: Trump’s solution is the number one solution that we have to do to get out of our current mess, which is energy shortages, energy, skyrocketing prices, inflation, debt. The backbone of any healthy economy- is to have cheap, reliable energy. Don’t forget when Donald Trump was president pre-COIVD. The United States had more energy exports than imports, and that was for the first time since Harry Truman was president in 1952. Donald Trump has laid out exactly what he wants to do, which is exactly what he did. Biden literally started shutting down American energy creating this collapse, and this is what they intended — collapse. Because the more energy fails and the more shortages we face, the more they call for nationalization of the energy industry because the market forces have ‘failed.’ It’s all the government interference that is creating this mess.

Steve Milloy: The administration also just announced a new climate rule that would require most fossil fuel power plants, a status to slash their greenhouse gas pollution. Ninety percent, between 20 30 five and 20 forty or shut down, I mean that this is just so out of control biting he shut down the Keystone pipeline day. One right: they want everybody to get the electric cars, but they don’t have the grades in place. Yet we don’t have the infrastructure in place to simply go all green. What did they want us to do like have windmills all over the place and people on bicycles? I mean what did they think actually? Is you know in order to make the electric car batteries they they need? They need fuel.

Lidia Curanaj: Marc, they’re, coming after their, they have come after our gas stoves. They want to come after our dishwashers. They want to come after our washing machines, they want us to be cold, have dirty dishes and smell, really bad, because we can’t Wash our clothes efficiently. I mean just. Why are we allowing? Why would anybody allow the federal government into our homes, because that’s essentially what we’re doing and is this kind of just all a scam to line the pockets of the special interest groups.

Morano: This is well beyond lining the pockets of special interest groups. This goes back thousands of years — all civilizations have had a ruling class that has literally tried to come up with reasons why the rest of the population can’t be free — us — the masses have to be enslaved, have to be living under their domain. Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm, when she announced new dishwasher rules, which is going to be about 30% less power, 30%, less water, roughly for all the dishwashers, which means up to seven or eight hours cycles to wash dishes. Jennifer Granholm actually said, we need this to do this to ‘combat the climate crisis.’ They’re actually thinking like you’re, going to sit there with the dishes that aren’t clean now, but have a smile on your face because you’re saving the planet. This is a movement to literally crush human freedom. And they’re collapsing energy, agriculture, and transportation and they’re doing at all rapidly at once, all by bypassing democracy. None of this is being voted on in Congress. There are no town halls, there are no switchboards lighting up on Capitol Hill, there are no committee hearings. This is all being done by the Executive Branch and in many cases, corporate government collusion outside of democracy. We need to stand up. We need Republican leadership to say, ‘Hell, no’ to end this whole Net Zero climate, scam, one and for all.

> It’s such a joke as the steed malloy, 30, second seal, your reaction.

Milloy: Yeah, absolutely. This is all about controlling us about telling us what to do. You know the environmentalists goal is to reduce global population from eight billion down to two billion. Seventy five percent less that they want to get rid of and their do with it by attacking our energy supplies and food supplies.

Lidia Curanaj: Marc Morano and Steve Milloy. Thank you so much for coming on tonight and keep telling the truth out there. Thank you so so much.