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WaPo: Top six states with ‘clean energy’ are powered primarily by nuclear or hydropower — Not solar or wind. – USA’s huge drop in CO2 emissions due to natural gas replacing coal

The Washington Post just released a fascinating report on state-by-state energy consumption, showing which states are decarbonizing the fastest — and how they're doing it. The results go against everything you've heard in the mainstream narrative. SHORT THREAD: — Benji Backer (@BenjiBacker) April 17, 2023 Benji Backer The Washington Post just released […]

Lomborg: ‘Organic agriculture’ could optimistically support 4.7 billion people – ‘Industrial agriculture’ could optimistically support 12 billion – Current global population is 8 billion

Organic agriculture everywhere can today, optimistically, support 4.7 billion people Industrial agriculture everywhere can today, optimistically, support 12 billion The global population is 8 billion you do the math — Bjorn Lomborg (@BjornLomborg) April 19, 2023 The alarmist forecast of 12 billion is only a projection of current trends, ignoring factors that make it […]

Biden & the Media Are Electric-Vehicle Grifters: If the president succeeds, global emissions will be 0.18% lower By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. Excerpt: Subsidizing somebody to use an electric car is a subsidy to consume energy, period—to drive more, to live in a bigger house, to crank the air conditioning higher. The electricity to charge the car has to come from somewhere. The minerals for the battery don’t spring from the ground. […]

Harvard Climate Action Week: ‘Finding practical solutions to climate change’s health impacts’ May 10, 2023 – The wide-ranging health impacts of climate change, including food insecurity, migration, war, and the spread of infectious diseases—and practical solutions to address these problems—were the focus of a half-day symposium hosted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The May 8 event, titled Climate, Health & Equity: Toward a Sustainable Future, was part of […]

Induced Energy Crisis? Biden Admin Has New EPA CO2 Limits for Power Plants – ‘Won’t avert the fake climate crisis, but could create an energy crisis’ BY CATHERINE SALGADO The Biden administration’s “solution” to every crisis is to make it even worse. As Americans face electricity shortages and high gas prices, Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced new pollution limits for coal and natural gas plants that will lead to at least some plant closures. All to fight the fake […]

‘Useful Idiots’ Promote the Climate Scare by Supporting ‘Carbon Capture & Storage’ by Tom Harris I would never have anticipated that I would actually agree with the Huffington Post on anything they write about climate change. But, when it comes to the serious dangers of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) on a massive scale from industrial activities and storing it underground, I have to agree with them. It […]