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WaPo: Top six states with ‘clean energy’ are powered primarily by nuclear or hydropower — Not solar or wind. – USA’s huge drop in CO2 emissions due to natural gas replacing coal

The Washington Post just released a fascinating report on state-by-state energy consumption, showing which states are decarbonizing the fastest — and how they’re doing it.

The results go against everything you’ve heard in the mainstream narrative.


The top six states with clean energy are powered primarily by nuclear or hydropower.

Not solar or wind.

Whether they know it or not, when “environmentalists” advocate against hydropower and nuclear, they advocate for INCREASING fossil fuels.


The top six wind-producing states are strong conservative/Republican states.

Republicans are embracing wind energy quicker than anyone else.


The U.S.’s large reduction in carbon emissions has been from replacing coal with natural gas.

WaPo acknowledging this reality is huge.

Of course, natural gas has downsides (as does every energy source), but it’s imperative we embrace natural gas as part of our future.


WaPo explicitly says these three monumental statements:

#1: “The United States needs more electricity, not less.”

#2: “Most major environmental groups oppose the two technologies that have historically generated carbon-free electricity (nuclear and hydropower).”


#3: “Abundant natural gas deserves much of the credit for weaning the United States off coal. Between 2005 and 2018, replacing coal with natural gas drove a larger reduction in carbon dioxide emissions than replacing coal with zero-carbon sources like wind and solar.”


In short, if we’re hoping to make sound decisions on our energy and climate future, we must do so with the facts. Largely, we haven’t been doing so.

I greatly appreciate The Washington Post contributing to the conversation with this.