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Induced Energy Crisis? Biden Admin Has New EPA CO2 Limits for Power Plants – ‘Won’t avert the fake climate crisis, but could create an energy crisis’


The Biden administration’s “solution” to every crisis is to make it even worse. As Americans face electricity shortages and high gas prices, Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced new pollution limits for coal and natural gas plants that will lead to at least some plant closures. All to fight the fake climate emergency. The EPA is full of hot air and needs to cool down.

Gas and coal provide about 60% of electricity in America, and it’s literally impossible to replace all that with “renewable” energy. But EPA Administrator Michael Regan admitted the new limits will lead to some plant closures, the AP reported.

A rule announced by the Environmental Protection Agency could force power plants to capture smokestack emissions using a technology that has long been promised but is not used widely in the United States…Almost all coal plants — along with large, frequently used gas-fired plants — would have to cut or capture nearly all their carbon dioxide emissions by 2038, the EPA said. Plants that cannot meet the new standards would be forced to retire.

The EPA rule would supposedly not mandate the expensive carbon capturing equipment, which is still in the development stage, but with the caps set on plants’ carbon dioxide pollution, they are likely to struggle for solutions.

Climate change “experts” have been wildly and consistently wrong in their predictions for 50 years now. Just recently, data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)—confirmed by NASA satellite data—showed that there has not been global warming for the past eight years. But why learn from the past? This time, the Biden administration is so sure the climate alarmists are right that they’re willing to risk an energy crisis for the purpose of environmental virtue-signaling. Of course, supposedly “green” energy is toxic for the environment, inefficient, and unprofitable, but radical leftists rarely let reality interfere with their ideology.

“This administration is committed to meeting the urgency of the climate crisis and taking the necessary actions required,” Regan pontificated. He claimed the measures would “improve air quality nationwide” and “bring substantial health benefits.” Joe Biden also touted the alleged health benefits. Regan seemed unconcerned about a potential energy crisis if plants close as anticipated, though. “We will see some coal retirements,” he confessed. From AP:

If finalized, the proposed regulation would mark the first time the federal government has restricted carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, which generate about 25% of U.S. greenhouse gas pollution, second only to the transportation sector. The rule also would apply to future electric plants.

Rich Nolan, president and CEO of the National Mining Association, critiqued the new regulations as a deliberate attack by the Biden EPA. “It’s truly an onslaught” of government regulation “designed to shut down the coal fleet prematurely,” Nolan insisted.

Jim Matheson, CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, also warned of potentially disastrous consequences from the new EPA regulations. Matheson predicted the regulations will strain the U.S. electric grid more and “undermine decades of work to reliably keep the lights on across the nation.”

Meanwhile, U.S. enemy China, the world’s biggest polluter by far, has stepped up its coal mining. The new EPA rules won’t avert the fake climate crisis, but they could create an energy crisis.