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Watch: Morano to Newsmax TV: Energy ‘Conspiracies’ Became ‘Reality’ – Govt officials believe banning gas stoves means ‘Mother Earth will be smiling at us’

By Sandy Fitzgerald

People on the left may be dismissing bans against natural gas-powered stoves and other items as conspiracy theories, but the push to block such items in the name of fighting climate change is today’s “reality,” Climate Depot founder Marc Morano, a former member of the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee, told Newsmax on Sunday.

“I’m old enough to remember when The New York Times called this a conspiracy theory just two months ago,” Morano commented on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” while referring to the state’s push to ban gas stoves in new construction. “They’re going after every aspect of modern society to punish us for our climate sins.”

He added that the “ideology” is “masquerading as a religion or even a cult” of people who believe that “by banning gas lawnmowers, gas stoves, and gas-powered vehicles that they’re going to somehow improve hurricanes and tornadoes and Mother Earth will be smiling at us.”

Morano pointed out that a few years ago, Discovery Magazine reported that the “air conditioner is killing the planet.”

That led to The Washington Post saying, “‘we don’t need air conditioning. Neither do you,'” said Morano. “Spain just this past year was saying that residents aren’t going to be able to turn their air conditioner colder than 81. Time magazine is talking about how air conditioners are terrible for the planet. Well, all of that is the ideology of activists who literally want to shut down our modern way…what’s next in the regulatory agenda to go after our air conditioners are gone? After all our appliances?”

Advocates are also going after “meat eating; they’ve gone after our energy,” he added. “They’re collapsing our energy, transportation, food, our free speech. The fix is in.”


Meanwhile, he said he was glad to see climate activists protesting at the Met Gala last week, as that is “where the ruling class elite is [who are] pushing all of these restrictions on the rest of us.”

But still, the activists that went after the Met Gala and who are vandalizing works of art in galleries “are funded by the same people who attend the Met Gala,” said Morano. “In other words, these are the big millionaires and billionaires and corporate leftist groups that literally are paying these agitators to go out and create all this havoc in order to have a net zero climate-safe world.”


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