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Lord Monckton on King Charles: ‘The greatest threat to the world…is the Communism that the Climate King so disastrously espouses’

Special to Climate Depot 

Crowning the Climate King

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Vox Charles I may be the climate change king Britain's new monarch ascends to the throne with a vOW to confront a warming world. MaxMumby/Indigo/GettyImages'

If I had received an invitation to the Coronation of the Climate King, this is what it would have looked like –

Unaccountably, however, I seem to have been omitted from the list of those attending the Coronation. Can’t think why. 

For the first time in more than 1000 years, Peers of the Realm do not have the automatic right to attend Coronations. So I shall be among the crowd along the cut-down processional route, watching in the pouring rain that attended the Coronations of King George VI and of the late Queen Elizabeth II and will probably attend the Climate King’s anointing too.

In one respect, however, the threadbare Coronation Lite will retain something of its ancient splendor. Those Peers of the Realm who will be present in Westminster Abbey have put their collective feet down and have insisted on wearing their Coronation Robes. In case you have never seen them, here is what they look like –

My own robes were last used 70 years ago, at the Coronation of the late Queen Elizabeth II. At the Coronation Supper in the village this weekend, I had hoped to wear them just for fun. Unfortunately the scent of mothballs is so overpowering that no one would be able to get within ten feet of me without fainting. So the robes will go back into their giant tin box until the next Coronation.

Underlying this flummery there lies a serious point. By now, it is obvious to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear that global warming is simply not happening at anything like the originally-predicted 0.2 to 0.5 degrees per decade originally – and still – predicted by IPCC.

The sixth-generation models of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project predict that final warming in response to doubled CO2 will be 3.9 C at midrange. Now, that final warming is equivalent to ten decades of medium-term warming. Actual medium-term warming in the 400 months – exactly a third of a century – since January 1990 has been just 0.133 C/decade, according to the satellite dataset of the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Staggeringly, then, the models, then, are exaggerating (at midrange) by predicting 293% times as much warming as is actually happening. They are overshooting by almost triple. If the current slow, gentle, harmless and net-beneficial warming continues to the end of the century, there will only be 1 degree of further warming, not 3 or 4 degrees. After that, reserves of oil and gas will be largely exhausted, and coal will also be getting scarcer and costlier.

Besides, even if the whole world actually achieved net zero emissions by 2050, the planet would be less than a tenth of a degree cooler by then than it will be if the world carries on increasing its emissions at a rate of 1/30th of a unit per year, as it has in a straight line – undiminished by the trillions spent – since 1990. The truth is that we cannot do much about the CO2 already in the air. All we might do, at most, is to slow and eventually stop future emissions.

Therefore, whatever we do will have very little influence on global temperature. We might as well not bother. Every billion dollars the world squanders on trying to get to net zero would reduce global temperature by less than one ten-millionth of a degree – the worst value for money in the long and shoddy history of governmental economics.

In any event, the notion of large and dangerous rather than small, harmless and net-beneficial warming was predicated on a grossly elementary error of physics perpetrated by climatologists when they borrowed the mathematics of feedback from control theory in engineering physics without understanding what they had borrowed. 

If they had gotten the math right, they would have realized that every 0.01 unit of feedback strength would increase final warming by 1 degree. But we cannot measure feedback strength to anything like that precision, so all attempts to estimate future warming based on feedback analysis – including all IPCC’s predictions – are mere guesswork, doomed to abject failure.

The trouble with the Climate King is that he never gets to hear facts such as those outlined above. He hears only the Thermageddonites. And he altogether lacks the understanding of the scientific method necessary to work out for himself that the science surrounding the global warming panic has utterly collapsed.

But here’s the problem. Suppose that His Woke Majesty, and others of the neo-Communist establishment, could be brought to see that, though there are many real environmental problems, warmer worldwide weather is not one of them.

How could he, and they, climb down from their high horse? They have been inveigled into fervently declaring their undying support for the New Superstition. How, then, without loss of face, could they ever admit that they simply knew too little science – and, for that matter, that they were too politically unaware to appreciate the large extent to which the global warming narrative is fashioned, created, maintained, fostered and festered by agents of hostile totalitarian powers?

The climbdown, when it comes, will be humiliating for the entire establishment, and not least for the King, who naively thinks that in bleating and preaching about the weather he is saving his subjects from themselves, when instead he is delivering us into the hands of his enemies and ours. The greatest threat to the world is not warmer weather: it is the Communism that the Climate King so disastrously espouses.