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We’re saved! Shading the Earth with moon dust to cool the planet! Could help reduce solar radiation to mitigate climate change claims study A recent study suggests that moon dust might help slow the rise in Earth’s temperature caused by climate change.  Scientists at the University of Utah explored the potential of using the lunar particles to shield sunlight before it reaches our planet. For decades, researchers have considered using screens, objects or dust particles to block just enough of the sun’s radiation – between 1% and 2% – to mitigate the effects […]

Sea Level Is Stable Around The World… The Good News The Media Don’t Want Us To Hear “No accelerating sea level rise”… “no correlation between CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and sea level rise”. Dr. Jay Lehr, Dennis Hedke  First appearing at CFACT. We have been studying climate change and potentially associated sea level changes resulting from melting ice and warming oceans for a half century. In the 1970s our primary concern was global […]

Analysis: How the green elites are impoverishing the world By Ross Clark The global super-rich love to warn us about climate change. They love to preach about all the things we’ll need to give up and all the sacrifices we should make. But they also love to travel in private jets and live in lavish mansions by the sea. They emit orders of […]

Covid Emergency, Climate Emergency: Same Thing – Opens the Same Door to Authoritarian Governance as the ‘COVID Emergency? By W. AARON VANDIVER In February 2022, 1,140 organizations sent President Biden a letter urging him to declare a “climate emergency.” A group of US Senators did the same, in October 2022, and a House bill, introduced in 2021, also called on the president to “declare a national climate emergency under the National Emergencies Act.” Biden has considered declaring […]

Biden takes victory lap on climate bill in State of the Union – Touts ‘most significant investment ever to tackle the climate crisis’ BY ZACK BUDRYK President Biden touted the historic climate investments in the Inflation Reduction Act, the environmental and infrastructure spending he signed into law last year, in his second State of the Union address Tuesday night. “The Inflation Reduction Act is … the most significant investment ever to tackle the climate crisis, lowering utility bills, creating American […]