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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on lab-grown ‘meat’ & insect eating: ‘They’re creating intentional food shortages. So a desperate public is going to be more open to eating anything’



Rough Transcript:

Will Cain: Marc, I’m gonna ask you this when it comes to both bugs and lab-grown meat. Do you think there is a point? It’s obviously being shoved at the consumer. Is there a point where the consumer says, ‘okay, I’ll take it’?

Marc Morano: Well, great question. And here’s how they plan to make us eat lab-grown meat and bugs. They are trying to make meat a rare and expensive treat. And this has been the stated goal of United Nations reports. This is even the stated goal of people like Al Gore who’s pushing for all sorts of EPA regulations on animal agriculture. But more importantly, it’s a plan of Bill Gates, who literally is now America’s single largest farmland owner, according to NBC News, and his goal is to get us to eat synthetic lab-grown beef. He wants us to get off all animal agriculture to save the climate.

And what they’re also doing under these Net Zero climate goals in places like the Netherlands, we saw it in Sri Lanka, it’s now moving to Canada and Australia — they’re cutting down high-yield agriculture. So they’re creating intentional food shortages. So a desperate, chaotic public is going to be more open to eating anything that’s either cheaper or more readily available. And hey, they are promoting insects as a great alternative protein to meat.

Will Cain: (Pete Hegseth and Cain eat meat on TV) … I’m curious at some point, does lab-grown meat becomes a convenience for the consumer?

Marc Morano:  Yes, that actually might be because they’re what they’re going to do again, lab grown meat is not you’re (vegetable oil-based) Impossible Burger. These are ‘meats’ that are made, and they’re going to be mass printed, certain kilograms per minute. So people are going be able to print them on a 3d printer. So yes, they’ll probably be very convenient.

Will Cain: (eating a burger on TV): Let’s stick with burgers for now. Marc, thank you so much.

Could lab-grown meat become more convenient for consumers? One expert says yes – publisher Marc Morano warns of intentional food shortages creating a ‘desperate, chaotic public’ that’s more open to what’s cheaper and readily available.

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