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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on lab-grown ‘meat’ & insect eating: ‘They’re creating intentional food shortages. So a desperate public is going to be more open to eating anything’

    Rough Transcript: Will Cain: Marc, I’m gonna ask you this when it comes to both bugs and lab-grown meat. Do you think there is a point? It’s obviously being shoved at the consumer. Is there a point where the consumer says, ‘okay, I’ll take it’? Marc Morano: Well, great question. And here’s how […]

Hanoi Jane Fonda Blames Climate Change on ‘Racism’ One of Hollywood’s worst American traitors, Hanoi Jane Fonda, is also apparently a climate scientist, and now she is claiming “climate change” is happening because of “racism”… or something. The talentless actress, whose only memorable performance was sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun during the Vietnam War, appeared omThe Kelly Clarkson Show — which […]