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Academics pursue project to ‘Decolonize Physics’ – ‘We aim to critically investigate if & how physics itself has contributed & still contributes to colonialism’

Click to access v77n1.0-a4130.pdf Via La Physique au Canada 2021 report: Decolonizing Light: A Project Exploring Ways to Decolonize Physics – By Ingo Salzmann, Louellyn White, Donna Kahérakwas Goodleaf, and Tanja Tajmel Excerpts: The aim of our project is exploring approaches to decolonize physics, of both its narratives and contemporary research. We decided to focus […]

Energy expert Benny Peiser’s big warning to Americans: Avoid Europe’s green energy disaster – ‘If you want to avoid your energy bills going up fourfold, don’t do what we are doing’

Benny Peiser‘s big warning to Americans: Avoid Europe’s green energy disaster The Heritage Foundation, Washington DC, 6 December 2022  Benny Peiser:  “I remember giving evidence to a Senate hearing here some years back, and I was saying: ‘Look, as long as these [climate] policies are unilateral, as long as you do this on your own, this is not going to address your […]

State climate curriculum says ’emotions’ should outweigh ‘rational thinking’ By WND News Services By Reagan Reese Daily Caller News Foundation The Washington state Department of Health’s climate curriculum instructs teachers to focus on “emotions” over “rational thinking,” according to curriculum lesson plans. The Washington state Department of Health released a five part curriculum to help students learn the “intersections of biological, societal, and environmental issues.” The […]

Sen Jim Inhofe’s legacy: A vast alumni network on climate, energy Onetime aides to Inhofe are now serving in high-profile roles, many of them dealing with energy and the environment. | Claudine Hellmuth/POLITICO (graphic); Francis Chung/POLITICO (Inhofe photo) By Timothy Cama Jim Inhofe is retiring from the Senate, but his legacy will live on for years in environmental policy circles through dozens of former staff members […]

Connecticut Just Made Climate Change Studies Compulsory – ‘To mandate climate change studies across its public schools’ by Eric Worrall I wonder if there is a case for challenging compulsory climate studies on the grounds that belief in catastrophic climate change is a state religion? ‘Face it head on’: Connecticut makes climate change studies compulsory Enshrining the curriculum in law insulates the subject from budget cuts and culture wars related to […]

Cli-Fi: The Net Zero Sub-Genre From Climate Etc. by Judith Curry Two exciting new books in climate fiction (Cli-fi), with net zero themes. You may recall two early posts at CE on Cli-fi [link] [link]; these posts helped popularize the term.  Almost exactly 10 years since my initial post, Cli-fi has come a long way, with a full-blown Wikipedia page.  Some recent […]

‘Coal is now world’s top energy source’ – Coal, no longer shunned, keeps Europe’s lights on 1) Germany returns to coal as energy security trumps climate goals Bloomberg, 22 December 20222) Coal, no longer shunned, keeps Europe’s lights on The Wall Street Journal, 22 December 2022 3) Europe must exploit its fossil fuel resources or face economic relegation to second world status Net Zero Watch, October 2022  4) Energy cost […]

Solar energy’s deforestation problem – Net Zero goals may impact ‘a cumulative land area the size of Virginia’ By Gabriella Hoffman  “This year the American Farmland Trust said that expanding solar power could gobble up as much as 3,900 square miles nationwide, and predicted that many Eastern states could lose between 1.5% and 6% of their undeveloped land to solar facilities – mostly on farmland that’s flat, cleared, and near to existing transmission infrastructure. A Princeton University study this […]

Davos 2023 will feature BlackRock, Gore & TikTok CEOs, with WEF demanding more censorship & tyranny By Jordan Schachtel The World Economic Forum (WEF) will host its annual meeting in Davos next month, and for the second year in a row, The Dossier is the first publication to publish a list of speakers attending the invite-only, ruling class gathering in Switzerland. The World Economic Forum is a fanatical political organization masquerading as a […]