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Academics pursue project to ‘Decolonize Physics’ – ‘We aim to critically investigate if & how physics itself has contributed & still contributes to colonialism’

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Via La Physique au Canada

2021 report: Decolonizing Light: A Project Exploring Ways to Decolonize Physics – By Ingo Salzmann, Louellyn White, Donna Kahérakwas Goodleaf, and Tanja Tajmel

Excerpts: The aim of our project is exploring approaches to decolonize physics, of both its narratives and contemporary research. We decided to focus on physics, as this discipline plays a special role in the field of science due to its unique scientific authority. Physics is commonly regarded as the “most objective” and the “hardest” science [2], it fundamentally defines scientific key concepts such as energy, matter, force, light, space and time, for all the other sciences.


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