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‘We’re all in’: Pelosi Leads Congressional Delegation to COP27 in Egypt – Seeks to advance ‘more sustainable & more equitable future for all’ PRESS RELEASEWashington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leading a Congressional delegation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. The delegation will convey the commitment of the United States Congress to continuing the robust progress made to tackle the climate crisis […]

Biden willing to have USA pay ‘climate reparations’ if China contributes too Net Zero Samizdat 9 November 2022 1) Biden’s astronomical pledge: US willing to pay climate reparations if China ponies up tooPolitico, 5 November 2022 2) China outmanoeuvres gullible West, ‘willing to contribute’ to climate loss and damage compensationThe Independent, 9 November 2022 3) UN report: Global South needs $2.4 trillion a year to fight climate changeAljazeera, 8 […]

‘Climate change denial deserves the death penalty’ – Activist takes his message to Egypt UN summit By Caroline O’Doherty Outside the Cop27 venue in the blazing Egyptian sun, a bare-armed Donegal man with a placard was beginning to feel the heat a little too intensely on his skin. Conor Ó Maírtin from Letterkenny was hoping his efforts would have the same effect on those inside. His bi-lingual placard read “climate […]

UN chief’s ultimatum to world leaders: Agree on climate action or face a ‘collective suicide pact’ – ‘Humanity has a choice: cooperate or perish’ Planet Earth is on “the highway to climate hell with our foot still on the accelerator”, the United Nations chief has told world leaders as they gather for annual talks, following a year of violent effects of climate change. “We are in the fight of our lives – and we are losing,” UN Secretary-General […]

Analysis: The Great Reset: A Perfect Storm BY DAVID SOLWAY Storms come in many forms and may consist of many different constituent elements, but when all these elements combine at the same critical moment, we call it a “perfect storm.” When such a storm is transposed analogically to the cultural, political, and economic realms, that is, when it seems to impact the […]

Watch: Morano on Rebel News TV: UN will double down on Agenda 2030 & Sustainable Development Goals In case you’re unaware, the annual United Nations climate conference is fast approaching. This year’s event, hosted in Egypt, will bring the world’s climate hypocrites together starting on Nov. 6 and running until Nov 18. While Rebel News won’t be in attendance this year, another skeptic of the UN’s so-called green policies will be, Climate Depot’s Marc Morano. Marc joined last […]

Watch: Morano on GB News Mark Steyn show live from ‘bonkers’ UN climate summit in Egypt – ‘We’ve got to abolish the idea that Net Zero…it is the destruction of humanity’

Full segment broadcast live from Egypt UN conference center here:    Full Mark Steyn show here:    # Related Links:  Watch: Morano on Rebel News TV: UN will double down on Agenda 2030 & Sustainable Development Goals Watch: Morano on OAN TV talks UN climate summit in Egypt Goldman Sachs’ Jeff Currie: ‘$3.8 Trillion of […]