Chaos on Tufton Street in UK as Just Stop Oil spray orange substance over home to UK climate skeptics group Global Warming Policy Foundation By NATASHA ANDERSON  and RORY TINGLE HOME AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT FOR MAILONLINE A Just Stop Oil protester sprayed an orange substance over the front of 55 Tufton Street in Westminster today The residence is home to the Global Warming Policy Foundation and other fossil fuel lobby groups  The Metropolitan Police arrested one person on suspicion of criminal damage in connection […]

Watch: Hospital staff sing & protest by featuring Death Certificates citing ‘climate change’ as cause of death: ‘Cutting down on carbon will stop our bodies droppin’ – ‘Leaders should be yearnin’ to stop the planet burnin’

    “Cutting down on carbon will stop our bodies droppin’”: These medical folks doing a #ClimateCult song/dance is one of the most cringe-worthy things that I’ve ever seen. — Tom Nelson (@tan123) October 22, 2022 And what their hospitals use a backup generators if power is lost? Yeah, diesel generators… — Steve Bunten (@smbunten) […]

‘Climate crisis’ poses ‘growing threat’ to health in UK, says expert – But concedes higher temps ‘likely to have an interim benefit in the UK due to warmer winters’ By Hannah Devlin The climate crisis poses a “significant and growing threat” to health in the UK, the country’s most senior public health expert has warned. Speaking to the Guardian, Prof Dame Jenny Harries, the chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency, said there was a common misconception that a warmer climate would bring net […]

‘The real economic objection to a carbon tax is that it will…have same result as our current policies. Fossil fuels will end up being priced out use & be left with unreliable & expensive alternatives’ By Paul Homewood A new paper from GWPF calls for the introduction of carbon taxes, instead of mandating renewables: London, 24 October – An important new paper from the Global Warming Policy Foundation argues that the failure to limit CO2 emissions is a direct result of politicians’ obsession with mandating renewables as the main policy response. […]

Canadian Credit Union to Launch Visa Carbon Credit Card that Counts Your Carbon Footprint Published October 25, 2022] Since the COVID-19 pandemic has been revealed as the prelude to the Great Reset, many people now realize the extent to which science has been corrupted to serve the interest of politicians and globalists. This includes climate “science.” The Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, known as Vancity, has teamed up […]