Watch: Morano slams claim that dogs are causing ‘climate change’ on Fox & Friends while holding his French Bulldog on air

Fox and Friends – Fox News Channel – Broadcast October 23, 2022 – Host: Rachel Campos-Duffy

Marc Morano slams CNN for blaming climate change crisis on pets: ‘War on modern life’ – founder Marc Morano slams a CNN article’s claims that pets contribute to the climate change crisis with their carbon footprint.

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Marc Morano slams CNN for blaming climate change crisis on pets: 'War on modern life'

Rough Transcript: 

Marc Morano: This is 3-year-old Bella, and they’re claiming that she’s basically the equivalent of a vehicle, of an SUV driving around because of the carbon footprint of your average dog. This is a war on modern life. This is the climate activists saying you can’t have it. We had Vogue magazine in 2021 say it was environmental vandalism to have a child. Bill Nye promoting carbon taxes for children. You have actress Emma Thompson actually at one point said that having pets could be important because during the climate crisis we may have to eat them because they’re a lot of protein.

This has been going on now for a decade. They literally want to control, and regulate every aspect of our lives. But what’s most impressive about this study is this is their back door way to push insect eating and stop eating meat which they’re currently trying to collapse modern agriculture, high-yield agriculture, and livestock production. They want us to eat lab-grown meat and insects.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: …Is this about population control?

Marc Morano:  Ultimately, this is. Climate activists believe, and I’ve interviewed the German climate adviser, they believe the carrying capacity of the earth is 1 billion people, so scratch about 7 billion people. They actually believe this. You go back to the 1960s, the first environmental scare was the overpopulation scare. And, of course, that has completely collapsed on them. All the estimates show the population topping out and then dropping, and there are a lot of fears of an underpopulation problem.

A hero of the 1970s was the Beatles John Lennon who went on Dick Cavett’s Show and just blew holes in the theory.

But this is absolutely driving much of the modern movement and much of, actually, the covid restrictions. It’s about power, they want to regulate human endeavors. Al Gore went to to a Bill Gates-funded event and said Africa’s projected to have more population increase than China and India combined by mid-century, and he called for ubiquitous fertility management which I’m sure includes everything from contraception to abortion.  But it’s interesting, a wealthy western politician lamenting that there are going to be too many Africans by mid-century. I don’t think Donald Trump could have gotten away with that.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Here’s my message to the WEF all those globalists trying to control us. ‘Keep your hands off my fertility.’ Thank you so much for joining us, Marc. I really appreciate it. I love your stuff. If you want to hear more about Marc, I had him on my podcast about a week ago, fantastic! 


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